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Compelling Reasons to Build a New Home with Ventura Homes.

At Ventura Homes, we don’t just build houses, we build homes.

Our team is motivated by a passion for design and building the most versatile, beautiful and functional homes in Australia. Now that’s very Ventura.

The Ventura Homes Philosophy

These are new homes tailored to your needs with comfort, convenience and style at the core of every design.

When you choose ‘Ventura Homes’ as your new home builder, you’re choosing a team committed to design excellence, flexibility, affordability and a home built to award winning standards – a proudly Western Australian family owned new homes builder.

The Story

Since 1994, we’ve grown significantly – ‘Ventura Homes’ is now recognised as the place to turn to for the very best in new homes design, construction and customer service.

Today, Ventura is working to bring WA the most compelling and competitive new home designs to suit changing lifestyles and needs.

The People

When you talk to Ventura Homes’ staff, you’ll feel their passion for home building, for creating the perfect future for you, your partner and family. If you choose Ventura, you’ll get the very best and most experience staff in town. We only hire the best people, the most passionate professionals and we build the very best new homes in WA.

What Next?

So, if you’re looking for a partner to build your new home – look no further than ‘Ventura Homes’ – Contact our team for an obligation free consultation today. 

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Since 1994, Ventura Homes has received awards every year from the Master Builders Association and from the Housing Industry Association (HIA). Among these are no less than 6 HIA Gold Keys, including a national Gold Key.

We’re also the only home builders to have ever won the Building Designers Association (BDA) award plus the HIA ‘Home of the Year’ award for the same display home in the same year. Making Ventura Homes the most awarded home builder in WA.

It’s great to be recognised by our industry peers, but we don’t build new homes to win awards. For us they’re just recognition for a job well done, and don’t get us wrong we do enjoy receiving them! But awards are in the past and Ventura Homes are always looking ahead.

We’re proud of all our awards, mostly because they translate into better living for you. We just hope we can give you the confidence to know that choosing Ventura to build your dream home really is the right choice.


Monterosso outdoor

The Monterosso – WINNER HIA Outdoor Project (Up to $100k)

Some of our recent awards:

  • MBA Display Homes 2016 ($280-310k) – The Colonnade – WINNER
  • MBA Display Homes 2016 ($280-310k) – The Kamala Resort – FINALIST
  • HIA Kitchen & Bathroom – Best Kitchen in a Display ($300-360k) – The Kamala Resort – WINNER
  • HIA Kitchen & Bathroom – Best Bathroom in a Display ($300-360k) – The Kamala Resort – WINNER
  • HIA Kitchen & Bathroom – Best Kitchen in a Display ($300-420k) – The Lexington WINNER
  • HIA Kitchen & Bathroom – Best Bathroom in a Display ($230-300k) – The Colonnade WINNER
  • HIA Kitchen & Bathroom – Best Bathroom in a Display ($360-420k) – The Monterey WINNER
  • HIA Kitchen & Bathroom – Best New Kitchen Project up to $25,000 – Tangara Street, Aveley
  • HIA Outdoor Project (Up to $100k) The Monterosso – WINNER
  • HIA Project Home (Up to $230k) Client Home – WINNER
  • HIA Display Home ($250 – $290k) The Montrose – WINNER
  • HIA Display Home ($340 – $400k) The Lexington – Finalist
  • HIA Excellence in Service – Large Builder – Finalist
  • HIA Outdoor Project (Up to $100k) The Allure – Finalist
  • HIA Project Home (Up to $230k) Client Home – Finalist
  • HIA Project Home ($230 – $300k) Client Home – Finalist
  • HIA Project Home ($230 – $300k) Client Home – Finalist
  • HIA Golden Key Award for Perth Display Home of the Year – The Montrose – Finalist
  • HIA Perth Project Home of the Year (Up to $230k) Client Home – Finalist
  • HIA Kitchen & Bathroom – Best Kitchen in a Display ($220 – $300k) – The Allure – WINNER
  • HIA Kitchen & Bathroom – Best Bathroom in a Display ($220 – $300k) – The Allure – WINNER
  • HIA Kitchen & Bathroom – Best Bathroom in a Display ($360 – $420k) – The Meridian – WINNER
  • HIA Kitchen & Bathroom – Most innovative use of Laminate – The Allure – WINNER
  • HIA SW Golden Key Award for Display Home of the Year – WINNER
  • HIA SW Display Homes ($280 – $350k) WINNER
  • HIA SW Display Home of the Year – FINALIST
  • HIA Kitchen & Bathroom – Most innovative use of Laminate – WINNER
  • HIA Kitchen & Bathroom – Best Bathroom in a Display Home – WINNER
  • MBA Display Homes ($260 – $280k) Finalist
  • MBA Contract Homes (Under $180k) Finalist
  • HIA SW Project Home of the Year – Finalist
  • HIA SW Project Homes (up to $200k) Finalist
  • HIA SW Project Homes ($200 – $230k) Finalist
  • HIA SW Project Homes ($280 – $330k) Finalist
  • HIA SW Custom Built Homes (up to $275k) Finalist


The Team

The Ventura Homes team is led by WA brothers Phil and Mark Di Masi. Our team includes designers, schedulers, administrators, supervisors and building consultants – all with a deep commitment to service excellence. As we build your new home, every member of the Ventura team is determined to treat you with respect and honesty every step of the way.

Each year, our team builds over 1000 homes for customers from all over Western Australia. All new homes are built to the very highest standards of craftsmanship, using our V-Spec which ensures your new home is built with highest specifications in its respective class.

Our Perth Metro and our South West teams are dedicated to combining street appeal with superior design and house construction. Our star team has enabled Ventura Homes to win many awards over the years. We have had Winners or Finalist nominations at every HIA (Housing Industry Association) or MBA (Master Builders’ Association) award ceremony since 1994.

Our stunning Perth display homes and South West display homes are open for viewing – so why not check them out for yourself.

Perth Metro Ventura Homes Team

Teo Pintaudi

Teo Pintaudi

0417 911 397
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Greg Bryant

Greg Bryant

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John Barnes

John Barnes

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Frank Patorniti

Frank Patorniti

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Peter Aleksander

Peter Aleksander

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Giuseppe Amato

Giuseppe Amato

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Davide Gulloto

Davide Gulloto

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Ben Nichols

Ben Nichols

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Nicholas Wards

Nicholas Wards

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Leanne Mounier

Leanne Mounier

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Kelly Greig

Kelly Greig

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Clinton Marriott

Clinton Marriott

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Justin James

Justin James

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David McManus

David McManus

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Dane Jolly

Dane Jolly

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Ryan Sumich

Ryan Sumich

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South West Ventura Homes Team

David Bolt

David Bolt

0402 419 131
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Kristy Gomme

Kristy Gomme

0432 197 339
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Tim Martin

Tim Martin

0427 332 676
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We’re a dynamic, forward thinking home building company and our substantial growth means career opportunities with us are expanding too.

We know that the best people working together in the best environment can achieve outstanding things. We also know that a rewarding and secure career path brings out the best in everything, and that’s our focus all through the organisation.

Our career opportunities are diverse. Within The Ventura Home Group we have three main divisions. Ventura Homes is our dedicated family home builder, Ventura ID offers a specialised investment and development service, and Aussie Living is dedicated to meeting the needs of first home buyers.
That all means we offer a wide range of challenging and exciting openings for the right people – team players who thrive on shared success.

Set yourself a dynamic future with an award-winning Perth home builder. We strive for excellence in all things. It drives our success and if you believe it can drive your success too, we’d like to hear from you.

To find out about available positions, please email