10 ways to present your home like a display

June 5, 2015

10 ways to present your home like a display - Ventura Homes

When it comes to the interior design aspect of your home, it can be daunting choosing the right colours and accessories that compliment one another, similar to the stunning display homes we see.

Here are the top 10 tips on how to present your home like a display.

1. Choose your colours

Before you make any additions or changes to your house, it is important to decide on your colour theme. Choose one or two colors for your accessories that will add interest and coordinate with your furniture and wall color. Contrasting colors add vibrancy to a room. If your furniture and walls are neutral, go bold with your accessories. (via

Another great way to incorporate colour into an otherwise bland room, is to add a bright feature wall. This is a perfect way to add vibrancy to a room, plus it is extremely affordable and doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance. You can choose to paint or add wallpaper instead, the choices are endless.

If you are unsure about changing the colour of your walls, or feel this is too permanent for you, buy some bright and fun pillows to add to your couch or bed. This is a great way to incorporate some life into a room, without making a decision that takes longer to reverse

Source: Ventura Homes - Monterey 2 Bedroom Feature Wall

Source: Ventura Homes – Monterey 2 Bedroom Feature Wall

2. Stick with a theme

Accessories are a fantastic way to add character to a room, which we often see in display homes.

Source: Ventura Homes - The Monterey 2 bedroom

Source: Ventura Homes – The Monterey 2 Harrisdale

For example, incorporating a car related theme into a males room or a beach theme into another, with similar colour’s that compliment one another, can add enough character to a room whilst maintaining simplicity.

3. Incorporate lighting

Whether it is artificial or natural, lighting in your home can make a world of difference. If you do not have floor to ceiling windows or doors like the image below, incorporate a feature light or draw back your curtains during the day. Bringing light into a room not only makes it look brighter, but also more open. Choose a lighting fixture that compliments the theme of your room, even adding colour can take your room from bland to brilliant.

PRINT Monterey 2 Harrisdale 27

Source: Ventura Homes – The Monterey 2 Master Bedroom

4. Add a splash back to your Kitchen

Another great way of adding character to your house, similar to what we see in a display home, is to add splash back in the kitchen.

Adding splash back to an otherwise plain wall can make a big difference to your kitchen. By incorporating a colour that already exists, or otherwise adding a colour that is completely opposite, such as a bright green, red or blue, can make a great statement piece in your kitchen.

5. What about those floors? 

Whilst many people wouldn’t consider this part of the house to be important, adding colour to this area can make a big difference. This is another blank canvas that can be accessorised. Adding a rug is a fantastic way to add colour and texture to a room. Another handy tip that takes minimal time, effort and money.

6. Group according to size & number 

When grouping multiple objects together, vary their size and height. This goes for candles, framed photos, jars and any other accent pieces. Mixing size and height adds visual interest to your design. Use odd numbers when placing accessories in a group. (via

7. Decorate a wall

Add style and personality to any room in your home with these tips on how to decorate a wall with artwork. Before you start, keep these arranging and hanging lessons in mind. Most people hang artwork too high. At the right height, the center of your image should hang at eye level between 60 and 66 inches. Size also matters when choosing how to hang your art. A large piece isn’t always the most commanding visual. If you have smaller pieces, try grouping them into an arrangement that will read as a large piece of art on the wall. With these tips in mind, plan your arrangement. Start by arranging your items on the floor. This can be a bit of a puzzle, but keep trying until you’re happy with how the items work as a group. Consider a symmetrical art arrangement which looks orderly and as easy to achieve. Draw an imaginary vertical line in the center and mirror the arrangement on each side of the line. A salon style arrangement is another way to decorate your walls. Start by positioning the most prominent piece at eye level in the center and work outward. A mix of dimensional pieces such as plates and frames in different shapes and colors keep the arrangement lively and interesting. Once you’ve planned your arrangement, cut out shapes of craft paper equal to the size of the items you want to hang, then use painter’s tape to hang each paper shape on the wall in the same arrangement you created on the floor. The tape won’t damage the wall and lets you double check your design before you put nails on the wall. Mark each paper template at the place where your nail will be needed to hang the corresponding item. Pound nails into the wall through the paper templates at the marked spot, hang your artwork and enjoy. (via Better Homes and Gardens) 

8. Add light to your garden

Garden lighting can add a lot of character to your garden and means you can sit out on the warmer nights. The choice of garden lighting is huge, from battery-operated lamps to solar-powered lights. To save money (and do your bit for the environment), solar-powered lighting is a good option. The variety is immense, from tea lights to lamps, many of which can be staked into the ground (perfect if you don’t like DIY). Alternatively, you can go for energy-efficient bulbs to save on bills if you’re looking at non-solar-powered lights. Draping cabled lights around a plant or planter can look lovely in the evenings as well. (via Good to know

9. Add a water feature outdoors 

Fancy water features aren’t what we’re talking about. We mean something as simple as a bird bath. Not only will it look great, but it will attract birds to the garden which is perfect if you’ve got kids as they will love looking out for the birds as they visit your garden for a quick wash. (via Good to know

10. Remove clutter from your backyard 

When visiting a display home, you never see a backyard that is full of junk. Make sure your backyard is free of clutter and looks aesthetically pleasing. For some outdoor inspiration, take a look at the following images.


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