How to Create the Ultimate Home Gym Space

September 3, 2014

How to Create the Ultimate Home Gym Space

Some of us get our workouts done by going to the gym, doing cross fit or going to dancing classes, while others opt for cycling, beach jogging or rock climbing. All this and more is great – but why not consider creating a work out space at home to push you even further to your fitness goals?

Your fitness style will dictate how intense your home gym set up will be. Consider your goals and the available space in your home. You may be interested in crossfit and lucky enough to have a bare double garage to fill with full sets of equipment, or you might just have a small space enough for a yoga mat or weights which might suit you just fine – whatever you got, reflect on the style of workouts you enjoy doing, adapt to the space you got and only invest in what you really need.

Why have a Home Gym?

Membership fees at many popular gyms seem to be increasing and most establishments force you to commit for a full year. This can be a financial burden for some and it can even be a limiting factor in helping them achieve their fitness goals. With some effort however, you can develop a home gym and self workout regime that will increase your muscle mass rather than your credit debt.

The biggest benefit of having a home gym is convenience. Many gyms are now open 24 hours to members, but with a home gym, you have total privacy and comfort. If you wanted to work out in your underwear, you can. You also won’t be waiting for other people to finish on the machines while they sit on their phones, daydreaming or taking selfies.

Sure, a huge disadvantage is you lose the social aspect you get from a commercial gym, but logging onto online fitness forums, training with a friend or neighbour can help you stay on track. There are also plenty of home workout DVD’s to help you train at home. Nobody will ever have to know you enjoy exercising to Jane Fonda in a fluro headband.

Choose your Atmosphere, Choose your Motivation

Before we even touch on equipment, visualize and choose your space. Ideally, you will have free reign to play around with your home gym’s look, feel and sound. You want your home gym decor and arrangement to motivate you – so look at investing in motivational posters, quotes from athletes, a whiteboard to write down workouts and goals, a TV, surround sound system speakers and anything else that pushes you to succeed further.

Because your training will be ever evolving, you’ll need to add more equipment over time to your home gym. Before you rush out buying, consider opting for second-hand exercise equipment, with websites like Gum Tree and the Quokka paper showing what’s selling throughout Perth. You most likely have some friends who will be willing to sell or borrow you something (seriously who doesn’t have an ab-cruncher in their garage?) Do a little research, hunt for sales and second hand items to be cost effective for the long term.

Workout Essentials:

Once you got your space and budget sorted out, begin to build your home gym with essential necessities first. Whether you have a spare theatre room in your 4 bedroom house, or you live in a tiny apartment, so long as you can lie on the ground and do a snow angel, you’ll have enough room to squat, lunge, bend, twist, push and pull your body without running into things and breaking vases. Also do a jump test to make sure your head doesn’t hit into the ceiling fan.

Get a whiteboard, calender or download an app on your phone to track your exercise progress. Don’t train randomly or you will get random results. Map out your work out program beforehand and write it up on the board so it stares at you in the face. Other things to get include a mirror to help you see your own form so you get better at workouts, an inspiring photo of your dream body, and a smart way to store your gym equipment in an organised fashion without you tripping over it or it taking up too much space.

Here are 5 essentials you need on How to Create the Ultimate Home Gym Space:

1. Mirror it up


Mirrors will help you examine and perfect your form. (Image Credit)

2. Rubber Flooring


Protect your flooring from the brunt of weights with rubber  mats. (Image Credit)

3. Entertainment – Speakers and TV


Stay in your workout space  longer with help from motivating music and your favourite TV show. (Image Credit)

4. Racks & other ways to store equipment


Don’t let your home gym become a safety hazard. Put weights and other accessories back to save space and minimize clumsy injury. (Image Credit)

5. Basic Equipment: an adjustable bench, Fitness Ball, dumbbells, resistance bands, mat.


On a budget? No problem, start small with basic not-too-expensive equipment to get you started. (Image Credit)


Looking for inspiration? Check out some of these home gyms from around the world below:

{Danny’s loft, small but it’s more than enough for him, two bed rooms but one he uses to work out in.}

At the end of the day, the aim is to create a home workout space that is set apart from the rest of the home, so every time you head into this space, your mind and body are ready.

Final Tips:

  • Learn how to properly use equipment for maximum benefit and to reduce possibility of injury.
  • Purchase quality equipment so it will last longer.
  • Always use a spotter when lifting heavy weights.
  • Cross trainers give a better full body workout than treadmills.
  • Hydrate regularly.


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