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What is cut and fill earthworks in property development?

What are Earthworks?

Earthworks is the process of getting your block ready for construction. It is the site preparation that ensures that your properties will be built on firm ground and in the right place.

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What is Cut and Fill?

Cut and fill is the name for the earthworks process that requires moving earth from one place to another to make the ground more level.

Cut and fill is required where a site is sloped either front to back, back to front or side to side.

How it’s done?

The ground is ‘cut’ into the high side and sand from this ‘cut’ is placed on the low side to ‘fill’. This creates a new sand pad level (SPL) on which the slab (or slabs in the case of multiple units) is placed.

By using materials already onsite, cut and fill can reduce the cost of site preparation.

Ventura Developments cut and fill development sites to a finished floor level, as determined by the shire and Builder’s draftsperson.

Cut and fill includes a compaction and engineer’s certificate to ensure the sand pad is firm enough to build on.