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How Does My Electricity Get Connected?

An application is required for Western Power to install a Power Dome. Upon application, a Western Power MP number is issued to provide reference to any future queries.

If existing dwellings make part of the project, they must be connected to the new power dome or distribution board in accordance with Western Power regulations.

Multiple dwelling sites will require a distribution board either on a mini-pole, built into brickwork, or a freestanding approved cabinet.

Multiple dwelling sites may opt to have internal fuse boxes with connection to a main board as this may be a cheaper option.

On multiple dwelling sites, a strata body meter is required.

If multiple dwellings are being constructed it is possible the transformer supplying power to the area may need to be upgraded. This is due to the additional load being drawn by the new project. Western power will advise if this is a requirement and inform you of any additional cost for the upgrade.

If construction is adjacent to overhead power lines, protection may be required to ensure the safety of workers and the public. This is achieved by placing sleeves or “tiger tails” over the power lines.

The cost to provide electrical infrastructure may vary if:

  • Lots are not eligible for the subsidised connection fee.
  • An extension of the network is required to reach the subdivision.
  • The supply is required in an unserviced area.
  • You are installing heavy-duty or three-phase equipment.