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What is a Practical Completion Inspection (PCI)?

A Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) is a walkthrough inspection of the property or unit development with the supervisor, once the construction is completed. It is a chance to inspect every aspect of the property to note any outstanding items with the final product, so that the builder is able to rectify any issues before keys are handed over. The builder will rectify any outstanding items and a second PCI walk through will take place if requested.

Some people may contract an independent building inspector to do the PCI at the owner’s cost. If you are personally doing the PCI, take your time walking around the property and inspect everything.

The Ventura Developments FAQ’s video contains tips on how to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Other tips to remember:

  • If unsure of anything during the PCI, ask the construction supervisor.
  • Invite a friend or family member to attend the PCI as they may pick up things you do not.
  • Check your addenda before the walk through to refresh yourself on what is included.