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What is temporary fencing?

Temporary fencing provides protection and security of the building site during construction.

There may be a requirement to remove all or part of the existing boundary fencing. This could be due to site conditions or the design of new dwellings.

Examples are:

  • Zero lot or boundary walls.
  • Retaining walls where there is a need to retain soil either to the adjacent block or the block of the project.
  • When there is a prolonged period of time between the removal of the existing boundary fence and the installation of the new fence.
  • This may occur in the case of the existing fence being made of asbestos, and the shire building conditions require removal of the fence during construction.

If removal of fencing is required and this has an impact on any adjoining neighbours. The Local Council requires that approval is received by all those impacted by any proposed fence removal. A     BA20A and a copy of the building plans are presented to the neighbours for them to view and sign off their approval. The BA20A is available online or the builder can provide a copy.

Once approvals are received the Builder will organise and oversee the following:

  • Removal of existing fencing impacting the building area of the project.
  • Install temporary fencing. Shade cloth can be included if privacy is requested by neighbours.
  • Note, any temporary fencing where construction is on the boundary (zero lot walls), the fence will need to be 500mm off set from the boundary on the neighbours property.
  • Remove temporary fencing as soon as no longer required or upon completion.