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What Are Civil Works And How Do They Impact On Subdividing A Site?

First time developers may not be aware of the civil works that will be required to develop multiple titles when subdividing a site. We’ve put together a checklist of 6 items you should be aware of.

Civil works is the term used to describe the improvements or additional works required to bring the services to a standard to allow for subdivision. These items present an additional cost outlay for the development project and should be factored into the feasibility.

The 6 items that impact the development the greatest:

1. Demolition

Demolition refers to the removal of an existing dwelling from the property so that it is clear for construction. The cost to remove the structure can vary greatly subject to the building materials of the existing dwelling. For example, asbestos will increase the cost of demolition because it has to be handled and disposed of differently to other building materials. It is essential to get a quote for this service.

2. Raking the site

Once the existing property has been demolished, the site should be ‘raked’ to turn over the soil and ensure all rubbish and root matter from old trees has been completely removed. This service is generally completed by the demolition company and can be inspected by your building supervisor prior payment of the final account.

3. Head works

This is a contribution fee paid to the Water Corporation for additional dwellings using the water and sewer service of the site. Water Corporation give a credit for one dwelling per green title property and charge a further fee for each additional dwelling in the subdivision. Water Corporation can give you an estimate of the cost by calling their land development section.

4. Sewer and water services

The sewer and water services require upgrading to accommodate the number of titles you are creating. The sewer and water services are treated differently between survey strata and build strata. Once the plumber has completed this work they will issue you and the Water Corporation with an Ascon. The Ascon denotes where the new services are buried to assist the builder in connecting the services to the new dwellings.

5. The riser

The riser is the connection point for the sewer run into the Ministers sewer line. Subject to the number of titles in the subdivision, the diameter of the riser may need upgrading to cope with the new sewer requirements.

6. Underground power

Underground power is required when you are building on a new title. If the property doesn’t have underground power, Western Power will require you to pay for a new power dome to service the number of dwellings on the title. Where there are three dwellings or above, an electrician who specialises in underground power is required to design your electrical service and a distribution board.

Civil Work’s cost can have a huge financial impact on the viability of your development, and it is imperative you discuss these items with an expert in property development.

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