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Is Now The Time To Build In WA?

Positive signs are appearing in the Perth property market, suggesting now may be the time to build in WA.

With the median Perth house price finally on the rise, and First Home Buyer numbers rising in January; it would seem that the Perth property market is finally moving into the ‘recovery’ stage of the property cycle. This comes as positive news to investors and those in the building industry who have just experienced a two year slide in property activity.

A collaboration between the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) yesterday launched a new website, Build Now in WA, to highlight the key facts which point to the recovery of the Western Australian property market. The information provided not only highlights the benefits to First Home Buyers if they were to build now, but also the opportunities for investors who are entering the market.

“We are heading toward a property market recovery in WA over the next year or so,” UDIA CEO Allison Hailes said. “This means it is a buyers’ market and the best time to buy land, build a home and watch your investment value increase as property prices inevitably begin to rise again.”

5 factors that make this the time to build now

The Build Now in WA website highlights the following factors as key considerations in it’s argument as to why not is the ‘best time to build in WA’

1.  Home loan interest rates are now at record lows. The current cash rate still remains at the record low of 1.5%.

2.  Required home loan deposits are now very low.

3.  The trend towards new home investing is strengthening.

4.  Generous incentives are being offered by leading builders and developers.

5.  WA Government has grants for eligible first home buyers.

The market is moving into ‘recovery’

When you examine the predictable markers in the property cycle, signs point to the Perth property market having hit it’s lowest point and starting it’s slow recovery.

Property cycle


Investors have the opportunity to build wealth now

Many young, prospective property owners are choosing to invest in their first home rather than opt for the traditional route of first home ownership. This type of first home purchase has been coined as ‘Rentvesting’, with the concept explained well in the following video.

According to HIA Executive Director John Gelavis, WA has seen a growing trend toward investment in new homes and house and land packages over the last couple of years, as they are now available at extremely affordable prices.

“This is the opportunity many have been waiting for to break into the property market,” Mr Gelavis said. “Who knows when these types of conditions will return. For some people this might be the best chance they have to make their dream home a reality.”

“The Build Now in WA campaign is really all about educating the WA public about the current market so they can make an informed decision,” Mr Gelavis said.

To find out more about the Build Now in WA campaign visit the website at

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