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R-Codes For The First Time Developer

If you’re a first time developer there are a lot of considerations that you will be taking into account. The first of which is probably, ‘Can I subdivide my block?’ Often up until the time we consider developing, we don’t pay much attention to the zoning of our land, and may not even be aware when zoning changes happen until our neighbours start replacing one old house, with three new ones.

When you start looking for the answers as to what you can do with your lot, you will quickly come across the term ‘R-Code’ or a number of different codes such as R20, R30 and R40. All of these are in reference to the WA Planning Commission, “Residential Design Codes” (R-Codes), which essentially control the quantity and types of homes you can build on a certain block.

The amended R-Codes were introduced in 2013 following a comprehensive review. They are used to address emerging design trends, promote sustainability, improve clarity and highlight assessment pathways to facilitate better residential design outcomes throughout Western Australia.

By understanding the R-Codes you can not only maximise the amount of properties you can build on your block, but through an experienced designer you can also apply for variations to the codes to enable you to maximise the living space of the dwellings and therefore increase your future re-sale or investment potential.

For this reason it is advised to seek the assistance of an experienced design/draftsperson who has a very thorough understanding of the R-Codes, experience in designing dwellings that satisfy the R-Codes criteria and a successful track record for applying for codes variations. This will provide you with the best start to your development and maximise your return potential.

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