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The True Cost Of Urban Sprawl – Why Infill Development Is Perth’s Future

The true cost of Perth’s urban sprawl has been highlighted in #DesignPerth report, with the focus of Perth’s future cost savings and sustainability being placed on infill development

The fifty-six page #DesignPerth report highlights the possible $94.5 million in Government savings that could be made for every 1000 infill lots that were developed in place of greenfield sites. The savings derive from the infrastructure required to support greenfield sites such as roads, water, communications, power, health, education and emergency services.

#DesignPerth was developed to assist in guiding Perth into a more sustainable and livable city in the future, through the use of infill development opportunities. “Population growth is not a bad thing if it is used to generate more sustainable cities. Every city needs to see its growth plan as an opportunity to create a better city – one that has a reduced footprint and a better livability”, the report states.

The report goes on to present case studies on particular infill areas with there is the possibility to provide affirmative designs that create community elements such as shared parks and cafes,  and not just buildings,.

“We consider urban density to be a positive change. If designed properly, denser environments provide more people with greater access to more variety and more amenity – more varied shopping, closer to work, easier access to the city with its entertainment and cultural provisions, and access to a greater variety of parks and recreational places,” the report states.

The report concludes by substantiating the real savings of increasing Perth’s infill target in a manner that we can all understand, by increasing to 60% the WA Government would make savings worth $23 billion by 2050. Enough to pay for the entire Perth Light Rail network, as originally proposed, 12 times over or the Fiona Stanley hospital. Imagine the infrastructure that could be developed if urban sprawl was reduced.

The #DesignPerth report is the result of a  joint study released by the Property Council of Australia, the Office of Senator Scott Ludlam, CODA Architecture and Urban Design, and Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP), which has highlighted the hidden economic cost of Perth’s current urban sprawl.

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