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When you choose Ventura Homes you’re choosing design excellence, flexibility, affordability and a home built to award winning standards. Ventura Homes offer new homes in Perth that are loft style.

These homes are great for singles, couples and small families. They can fit on smaller blocks of land, are elegant, fun to build and the designs are world-class.

With Ventura’s Range of Loft Homes, you’ll live a chic lifestyle, inspired by a design from a previous era in new homes, with a very contemporary purpose. Loft Homes from Ventura Homes are popular with those looking for a low cost, stylish and economical way to build a new home in Western Australia, they’re great new homes for a specific lifestyle in mind. Young couples are particularly fond of this style of new home.

To learn more about the range of homes in this style, contact Ventura Homes sales consultants for a conversation about what you could experience if you choose a beautiful new loft home design.

As Western Australia grows and our tastes & lifestyles modify, these Loft Homes provide high quality, two storey experience.

With a Loft Home by Ventura, expect a design made by the best new homes team in Perth. We’re taking great care to design and produce the very best two storey loft homes for couples and families.