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House Behind House

 Rear Strata Developments

You probably love where you live now and want a new home solution that suits your life stage and area. You might also understand that building a new home on your property could be a smart investment strategy.

Every year, dozens of families and couples turn to Ventura Homes for a demolish and rebuild solution.

At Ventura Homes, we’re experienced in helping you get the most out of your property. The team are here to help. We can work with you to plan, prepare, build and deliver quality investment property development solutions. There are many strategic advantages a house behind house will provide for your investment portfolio, which we can help you achieve. With the backing of Ventura Home Group and through our sister company, Ventura iD, we can also provide development solutions such as class 2 developments, larger multi-unit developments, duplex, triplex and direct investment solutions. To find out more about how we can help you with a tailored and cost effective property development outcome, contact us today.



The V-Strata Range

Dave Tims – Development Specialist 

Who is Dave Tims?

I entered the building industry twenty-six years ago. Starting as a qualified quantity surveyor, in the commercial building industry, I began my intricate career through the building game. From surveying, I moved into the front-end side of the industry and began helping customers design their ideal home. I was able to provide my experience and expertise to help my client’s establish their dream home, and ensure that it suited their chosen block.

Over the next years, I worked for various builders growing my knowledge and strengthen my skills. i brought my knowledge through to Ventura Homes to help customers create their ideal lifestyle home. Certain builds require demolition services and intricate land knowledge. I am able to provide such a service as a development specialist.

My passions in this job are delivering the designs that suit the block and ensuring that a block is used to it’s absolute capacity. I have had involvement in all aspects of the process from hand drawing, to landscaping, and the creative process alike. My wealth of knowledge extends beyond a client base as I have invested into development blocks myself. I am well versed in the requirements, the details and the difficulties that are faced through a development build, ensuring you need not worry.

So let’s build the home you deserve.

Start building your dream home today!

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