Survey Results

4. Sales Process
Please rate your experience during the Sales Process with your Sales Consultant.
[gfchart id=”10873″]

5. Pre-Construction
Please rate your experience with your Pre Start Consultant during your Selection Process.
[gfchart id=”10878″]

6. Client Relations
Please rate your experience with your Client Relations Officer during your Construction Process.
[gfchart id=”10879″]

7. Construction
Please rate your experience with your Construction Supervisor during your Construction Process.
[gfchart id=”10880″]

8. Overall
How would you rate our overall communication with you during the construction of your Ventura home?
[gfchart id=”10881″]

9. How would you rate the overall progress of your Ventura home?
[gfchart id=”10882″]

10. How would you rate the overall quality of your Ventura home?
[gfchart id=”10883″]

11. How would you rate the final presentation of your Ventura home?
[gfchart id=”10884″]

12. Should you decide to build again, would you consider Ventura Homes?
[gfchart id=”10885″]

13. How would you rate your overall experience building with Ventura Homes?
[gfchart id=”10887″]

14. Would you recommend Ventura Homes to other people?
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