5 Best Recipe Ideas for Christmas Leftovers

For many people, Christmas is a time of family celebrations with an abundance of food and gift exchange.

But before you throw out any left over food after Christmas, consider how you could minimise wastage or whether there is a homeless shelter you could donate some good food too.

To turn your excess food into something that lasts longer, check out these 5 best recipe ideas for Christmas leftovers for friends and family:

1. Leftover Christmas Ham

A gourmet ham sandwich. Image via BestRecipes

Christmas ham is a traditionally loved staple in most homes. It is a great addition to a homemade pizza, especially when mixed with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and a scattering of basil. For an easier leftover solution, you could also use your ham to make gourmet sandwiches, together with pickles, peppery salad greens and mayonnaise. For a warmer dish, consider mashing with peas for a traditional pea and ham soup.

2. Leftover Roast Vegetables

A Roast Vegetable Frittata pictured. Image via TheArtInLife

Still have a heap of roast vegetables leftover? Transform them into delicious salads, lasagnas and ‘veggie bakes’. To ensure veggies don’t go to waste, consider putting them into an egg-filled frittata or a vegetable pie. Roast pumpkin is ideal in salads, especially when you have cheese and spinach to go with it, and a vegetable couscous salad is another great idea for leftovers.

3. Leftover Roast Meat (Chicken, Lamb, Slow-Cooked Beef)

Lamb and potato rissoles (kotlet-e gousht) pictured. Image via SBS.

From rosemary lamb to slow-cooked beef or tender breast chicken, no matter what leftover meat you have, you can find the perfect recipe for them. Consider turning your leftover meat into South American empanadas, or you could use your meat to make a spicy filling for a taco. Other worthy ideas are meat fritters, beef briskets, potato and lamb rissoles and jhal farazi.

4. Leftover Cheese

Cheese soufflé pictured. Image via Wikipedia

Need to use up a selection of leftover cheese? Consider making a luxuriously light cheeseboard soufflé with seasonal salad. Mix with high-raising egg whites, and if you were inclined, you could add cauliflower to it too. You could also put leftover cheeses into a food processor with a garlic glove, add some white wine and make a fancy pimento cheese style spread out of it. Other ideas include making a quiche with the addition of meat, a cheesy flat bread pizza, a cheddar soup, grilled cheese sandwich, cheese dipping sauce for chicken wings, or a giant cheesy american-style burger.

5. Leftover Chocolate

Chocolate Cookies pictured. Image via Blog.Bytplus

Christmas is the perfect time for cake and chocolate, be it making it at home or receiving it as gifts, chocolates are everyone’s go to for this festive season. However, we may feel overloaded with chocolate gifts during Christmas time and not have much of an idea on how to use the leftovers. Consider chopping down the chocolates into small chips (add dough) and turn them into cookies. Or you could heat the chocolate in a saucepan, add cream and dip them into prepared doughnuts for chocolate filled baked doughnuts. For something smaller and easy finger food, make fudge brownie pops and then dredge them in nuts. Chocolate Almond Tarts, chocolate pudding and baked chocolate mousse are more exuberant options if you feel like cooking up a storm.


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