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5 Design Trends to Break in 2016

Current design rules can be of great assistance if you’re struggling to decorate your home, but who says you have to stick to them?

Read our 5 Design Trends to Break in 2016.

1. Don’t mix patterns

Mixed patterns are a big fashion trend, so why not incorporate them into your home decor? If you love the boho look, then this rule breaker is a no brainer. Mixing patterns brings sophistication and style to any space, as long as you don’t go overboard.

It’s important to consider the colours used when it comes to this trend. Ensuring the room has specific elements that tie together is imperative. Focus on one or two statement colours and let the rest fade into the background. Bright colours with grey, white or cream will blend seamlessly.

allure master
The Allure by Ventura Homes displays a mixture of patterns while maintaining it’s elegance


2. Only using tiles in bathroom and kitchen

Who said tiles were only for wet areas? Tiles can make for the perfect feature wall in any room throughout the house. Let your imagination run wild with colours and tones and wait for your friends to wonder why they didn’t do it earlier.

3. Not putting large furniture in a small area

It’s a common assumption that putting large items of furniture in a small room can make it feel cramped and busy, but doing the opposite can make it worse.

You can easily emphasize the fact that your room is smaller than others by only using small pieces of furniture. It appears counter-intuitive,  but a single large piece of furniture can ground the appearance of the room.

Make sure you don’t over do it. If you have a large statement piece of furniture, soften it up by using small cushions or quaint decorations.

4. Use subtle colours in small rooms

When you have a small space designers may recommend to paint it light and use subtle furniture, but there’s nothing wrong with doing the opposite if you prefer darker hues. Using colours you desire will out way the negative of a room that feels slightly smaller.

Using a deep shade for the walls and bright colours that pop throughout the accessories and furniture will bring the room to life and make it an enjoyable spot to relax or work in your home.

Providence ventura homes
The Providence by Ventura Homes uses brown hues in the theatre room, making one of the smaller rooms in the house a stand out

5. Never painting the ceiling

This is a daring move, but it can make your room come to life in ways you have never imagined. Don’t let the interior design kings hold you back on this one.

If you have high ceilings and want to bring the look of your space together with an unexpected feature, then this is the way to go.

We suggest opting for the same or a similar colour to your walls to tie the space together nicely.


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