5 Jobs To Get Your Home Summer Ready

With the warmer months fast approaching and the need to get your home and garden ready for the hot weather, we explain the top 5 jobs to get your house Summer ready.

Perparing your house for Summer is attainable with minor effort and money involved. Read on to find out how to refresh your residence ready for a relaxing Summer.

1. Air out your home

Houses can become stuffy and smelly in a closed up area, particulary if the air is recycled through heating systems and air conditioning. Airing out your home doesn’t cost you a thing and will make your home feel fresher and more inviting.

the allure living area
Does your home feel clammy and claustrophobic? Open up your windows and doors – The stunning Allure Display Home by Ventura Homes

2. Brighten up your bathroom

Even a well ventilated bathroom can need an overhaul. Get your best cleaning products out and give your bathroom a thorough clean. Once it’s looking fresh, add some niceties with soft new towels, some fake or real plants and even candles. You can add scented soaps and lotions too for that extra holiday vibe.

The Temptation bathroom
The spacious bathroom in The Temptation by Ventura Homes

3. Re-invigorate your bedroom

We spend a lot more time in bed in winter and spring than we do in summer, but that doesn’t mean this area of the house should be forgotten about. Revamp a tired bed by stripping it entirely. Remove sheets, electric blankets, turn the mattress over, wash or replace your mattress protector and even buy a fresh new summer inspired bedspread.

Brand new or fresh bed sheets that are light are a great way to beat the heat on a warm summers night, whilst using crisp white bed sheets allows a variety of complimentary colours to stand out on top. Add a small touch of fresh linen spray to your pillows for the finishing touch.

bedroom sunset cove
The fresh and inviting bedroom in The Sunset Cove by Ventura Homes

4. Bring back the backyard 

If you don’t use your backyard much over the cooler months, ensure it’s ready to utilise come summer. Unused areas attract dust, debris and leaves over time and will look unattractive. Get your outdoor area ready for parties and gatherings by bringing out the house, broom and brush. Wash your tables and chairs, shake out any mats or rugs and spray, clean the deck and spray for any insects that may have found there way into any crevices.

kamala resort backyard
The enticing backyard as seen in The Kamala Resort by Ventura Homes

5. Start planning 

With the silly season fast approaching, organising your social calendar can be a blessing in disguise. With all of your friends and family wanting to catch up, it’s a great idea to plan for these dates and get them locked in to your diary now. Send invitations and start organising for barbecues, pool parties and catch ups with your loved ones. Well planned events will be better not only for you but your guests as well.