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Bathroom Trends for 2016

If you’re building a new home this year or you’re looking to renovate your current residence, take a look at the following stand out bathroom trends that will make your space come to life for all the right reasons.

1. Dark hues

Incorporating dark hues into your bathroom or ensuite adds the perfect amount of depth to ensure it looks modern and classy.

Whether you opt for a few feature areas such as your tiles, counter and blinds as pictured below or make your bathroom dark from head to toe, this style adds sophistication and style to your home.

key largo ensuite
The Key Largo by Ventura Homes
allure ensuite
The Allure by Ventura Homes
monterosso ensuite
The Monterosso by Ventura Homes

2. Feature walls

An open shower with a statement feature wall is a great way to add style to your bathroom. With a range of colours, textures and patterns, your options are endless. See some stunning Ventura Homes with a standout feature wall below.

colonnade ensuite
The Colonnade by Ventura Homes
alto ensuite
The Alto by Ventura Homes
luxor ensuite
The Luxor by Ventura Homes

3. Double basins and large showers

This trend is here to stay. The benefit of double basins and large showers are endless. With much more room than your standard bathroom or ensuite, the separate areas make getting ready even easier. Does your partner need to shave at the same time you’re getting ready? No problem. Both need to get to work at the same time? The dual shower heads are ideal.

The spacious designs by Ventura Homes below make for the perfect couples ensuite.

montrose ensuite
The Montrose by Ventura Homes
indulgence ensuite
The Indulgence by Ventura Homes
meridian ensuite
The Meridian by Ventura Homes

4. Wooden tones

Wooden tones are a timeless feature, maintaining their popularity in a classy bathroom setting. Whether it’s incorporated in the cabinets, counter top or through the tiles, this trend is set to stay.

kamala bathroom
The Kamala Resort by Ventura Homes
providence ensuite
The Providence by Ventura Homes
manhattan powder room
The Manhattan II by Ventura Homes

5. Open spaces

Whilst open ensuites have been around for a long time through use of a simplistic door frame, the trend has been taken to a new level. Expect to see many more open ensuites in the years to come.

manhattan ensuite
The Manhattan II by Ventura Homes
sunset cove master
The Sunset Cove by Ventura Homes