Benefits of living in a two storey home

The decision between a one or two storey home can be a complex choice. Read on to see the advantages of living in a two storey home.

  • Size

One of, if not the most important deciding factors is size. Do you have a small block and don’t like the size of a one storey? The answer is clear, build up!

A two storey on a narrow or smaller block of land has a variety of benefits, including increased room for a sizeable backyard.

House and land prices are becoming increasingly expensive, with the availability of larger blocks become limited, in addition to the necessity to stay within a budget. Double storey homes have seen a spike in popularity due to these factors and therefore building a two storey home on a smaller block is a great decision.

  • Location

Where your house is situated is a great factor in whether you opt for a single or two storey home. As mentioned above, areas with high land costs that are considerably small may see a higher demand for double storey homes as it is a cost effective way of utilising the space.

  • Backyard

An important consideration is whether you want a backyard or a garden. If you have a small block and you opt to build a large single storey home, you will likely be doing so at the expense of backyard space. In this case, a double storey home will maximise surrounding spaces, leaving room for gardens and swimming pools, if the budget allows.

  • Cost

A double storey house does not necessarily cost twice as much as a single storey house. In fact, adding a second storey usually adds another 15-30% to the total cost.

One thing to consider when budgeting is that for the same size (floor space) dwelling, a double storey may work out cheaper overall than its single storey counterpart. This is because the additional premium on the larger block of land required for a single storey house may exceed the additional building costs for a second storey.

  • Life stage

Your stage of life can have a significant impact on whether you choose to build a single or two storey home. The benefits of a two storey home include the potential for larger rooms and a functional layout. You may opt to have the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs, which provides more privacy and space and having the living areas downstairs, perfect for open plan living.

If you have children you may consider that having a larger backyard if you have a small block of land would be beneficial, in addition to separating the parents and children’s bedrooms for peace and quiet when needed.

The V2 Amalfi by Ventura Homes
The private upstairs master bedroom in The V2 Amalfi by Ventura Homes
  • Layout

Following on from the above comments, a double storey house may provide more options in terms of layout as there is a greater ability to separate spaces from each other.

  • Aspect

If you have the potential for views, you would likely want to build higher to maximise your views and improve your outlook. In fact, the traditional layout is being flipped on its head nowadays with more people opting for their living spaces to be on the upper level to capitalise on the aspect and enjoy the outlook.

The Trubite Rear V2 by Ventura Homes
The upstairs retreat in The Tribute Rear V2 by Ventura Homes

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