Building Information – Final Stages

Welcome to Stage 6 of the construction process. This is the final stage where all of the finishing touches occur, where your home will be cleaned thoroughly, ready for inspection.

The Clean 

Since the construction process can be messy, it is essential  that the builder gives your home a thorough “Builder’s Clean”. They should clean your windows and remove any adhesive, cement, dust and rubble left on site, ensuring your home is in a suitable condition for moving in.

Prior to moving into your new home, it’s a smart idea to give your home another thorough clean, as dust and dirt from your block and other construction sites can easily find their way back inside. You will want to ensure everything is spotless before you begin moving in.

The Commission 

With your PCI (Pre Completion Inspection) rapidly approaching, your site supervisor will check over all aspects of your home, to ensure all minor items essential to finalising your handover are complete. They ensure all existing concerns if any are addressed and fixed, prior to your PCI. This may include plaster patching, fitting of door hardware and any minor mishaps that may have occurred during the construction process.

The Site Clean 

Finally, your site will be cleaned to remove the last of any excess construction material and rubbish, placing it in the provided site bin. The bin itself is then removed prior to your first PCI meeting, ensuring your site is in pristine condition.

Bathroom Ventura
A Ventura Homes bathroom that has been completed, waiting for it’s final clean

The Practical Completion Inspection (PCI 1)

Once your site supervisor is satisfied with your home, he will authorise the first Practical Completion Inspection (PCI 1). Your house is now considered “practically complete”’, and this is the time for you to go through your home thoroughly with your site supervisor and identify any items or queries that you feel may need extra attention. Throughout this process, the final adjustment variation will be calculated, adjusting any final or outstanding provisional sums related to your signed building contract.

Once this has been adjusted and completed, they will then generate your final account. We suggest you forward the final variation to your lending institution as soon as you receive it, as it will take approximately 7-10 working days to process the payment, ready for your key handover. You will not get your keys until this final payment is made.

From the first inspection (PCI 1) the builder will generally allow ten working days to have all items noted from your original PCI 1 meeting completed and finalised before the site supervisor will authorise your second and final meeting, known as the PCI 2 meeting, or sign off inspection on-site. This is where you officially “sign off” on the home confidently knowing that all items now meet your satisfaction and the correct standard.

Congratulations are in order… The keys are now yours!

Keys Ventura
The keys and handover is what you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy your new home!

PCI 2 (Sign Off)

Construction is now officially completed! After your second and final meeting has taken place onsite and your final payment has been received by your builder’s accounts department, the builder can then organise your key handover by your Client Liaison Officer.


Your house is finished and ready for you to move in. Your Client Liaison Officer will now arrange a meeting with their builder’s head offices to handover the keys to your new home. They should discuss any warranties and the maintenance period of your new home – which essentially means the time frame in which items can be fixed once your handover is complete.

Do note that you will need to have arranged home insurance prior, for your bank to release the final payments, as the builders insurance is no longer active.

All that is left to do now, is to move in your furniture and family. Get ready to live better in your brand new home.


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