Building Information – Site Preparation

Congratulations on building your new home – it is an exciting journey that will give you the greatest reward – a home to call your own in Perth, Western Australia. Although every construction process is unique (depending on the scope and complexity of the project) construction of new homes generally follow the same process where principles remain similar, regardless of what home builder you choose.

The first step of the construction process is Stage 1: Getting Your Site Ready. This is when foundations are built, otherwise known as ‘slab down’.

Here’s what you need to know about this stage of the building process.

Site peg

One of the first and most important steps in building your new home is ensuring your house is built in the correct position on your block. This may seem obvious and although the developer places the original pegs on your property, these pegs are often disturbed, misplaced or removed by other people or trades unknowingly. To make sure everything is in the correct position before commencement, your site supervisor may need to contact the builder’s licensed surveyor to order a re-peg of your block boundaries.


Your starts supervisor will arrange an earth worker to prepare and compact the block for your home’s new foundation. Typically most blocks are already occupied by plants, weeds, small shrubs and uneven ground which needs to be leveled before concrete can go down.

The earth worker removes all shrubs and debris then sets your sand pad to the correct level where required and compacts the area where your concrete slab is to be placed. Ensuring the ground is level and compact guarantees the correct starting point for the home builder to commence construction.

Slab Construction
Ventura Homes construction starting: Slab has been poured and foundations are laid.

Concrete footing and slab

Once a stable earthworks foundation has been created, trades will work with the plumber to pre-lay all of the pipe works before your slab is poured. This means that when the plumbing is started at a later stage, all pipes are correct and in place, waiting for future connection. Once this is complete, they can now pour your footings and floor slab.

Once your slab is down, it’s time to celebrate – the first stage of your home is now complete.

Sewerage drain installation

Once the slab is laid, the sewer lines will be installed. This means all the pipes that were previously laid in the slab can be connected to the main sewer, and then any excess sand from the drains and footings can be removed from site.

Depending on the frontage and the size of your lot, access may be quite limited, so at this stage the builder may also choose to install your storm water soak wells if they haven’t already been done. (Ensure you understand whether soak wells are part of your Contract with the home builder).

Are you interested in building a home, or not sure whether you want to renovate or buy established instead? Read our ‘Whether to Build, Renovate or Buy Established‘ article for guidance. Ventura Homes is Perth’s best new home builder, they will help you choose the right house in the right location.