Roof Construction

Building Information – Roof Cover

Home building stages are generally similar from builder to builder. Stage 3 of the construction process revolves around the roof. This is when the roofing materials are delivered to your site and the carpenter is ready to construct the roof frame.

This includes the roof timber, hardware, fascia and structural beams. Once everything is on-site, your carpenter starts to pitch and construct your roof frame; which will form the support for your chosen roofing materials i.e. metal Colorbond or concrete roof tiles.

The installation of plumbing and electrical tubes

Once the roof frame is complete, the electrician and plumber return to your home to complete the next stage of work, commonly referred to as the “tube stage”. This stage consists of both trades chasing the walls (cutting into the brickwork) to match the electrical/plumbing works on your final plans i.e. your chosen power point positions and tap positions. Essentially setting up the installation of the electrical wiring and the water and gas pipe-work for your new home, as per your final signed contract plans.

Roof Build
Stage 3 – The Roof gets put on. Image from Ventura Homes construction process.

The gutters are installed

Next, the gutters are added to assist with drainage from rainwater. When installing gutters you need to do so based on the materials chosen to cover your roof, depending on whether you have chosen Colorbond or tiles the process will vary.

In most circumstances if you have opted for a tiled roof, a Roof Plumber will install gutters before the roof cover is installed. If you have chosen a Colorbond roof, your gutters and flashing would have been measured prior to this process and installed at the same time as the roof sheeting.

The roof is almost complete…

The next process differs slightly depending on your roofing material selection. With a tiled roof, the tiles will be delivered and the roof tile installation will begin. If you think your roof cover has been completed but you have some concerns your roof doesn’t look finished, don’t worry – this is a common misconception and easily explained. The roof cover will be installed ensuring it is watertight and structurally safe.

However, if there are chipped tiles that need to be rectified or your ridge capping still requires installation, quite often this will be completed at a later stage in construction, just before your first Practical Completion Inspection (PCI). Any queries you have or if you feel confused at any time, speak to your client liaison officer. This is the stage your house is really starting to come together to look like a home.

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