Building Information – The Brick Laying Process

Building a Home is an exciting process. After your site preparation is complete, the second stage will commence – brick laying.

Brick delivery

Once your slab is set, your site is now ready for the bricklayer to start. The appropriate materials and equipment will be delivered to site, including all of necessary bricks, sand, cement, bricklaying hardware, door frames, window frames, meter box and steel lintels. A site shed and toilet for the trades are also delivered, ready and waiting for your trades to start.

Bricklaying commences

It’s time to start building from the concrete slab up. Your brick walls are the first step. By now, your site supervisor will have arranged a bricklaying team. These bricklayers will begin by setting out your walls with chalk lines on the slab. By drawing chalk lines on the slab, the bricklayers can ensure the walls are straight and rooms are marked to scale. Steel lintels are also installed by the bricklayers. They are placed across the required openings to support the weight of the bricks and construction materials above them. Ultimately, these steel lintels stop your windows and doors from collapsing on themselves while the internal door frames are designed to carry these loads without the need of a lintel.

Bricks Construction
Image taken from a Ventura Homes construction site, featuring Brikmakers bricks in bundles ready to go.

Plate height completion

By now you’ve probably heard the term ‘plate height’; this is essentially just a building term meaning the brickwork work is finished and ready for the roof carpenter to begin the construction of your roof structure.

Stage 2 – the bricklaying stage – is now complete and you are well on your way to building your new home.


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