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Things to Consider When Choosing Your Sales Consultant

November 2, 2017

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Sales Consultant - Ventura Homes

Written by Dane Jolly, Sales Team Leader at Ventura Homes.


In the current market, it has never been a better time to build a home, with land availability at its highest in years, record low interest rates and amazing deals from builders everywhere you turn. Building homes is still a service that requires you to grit your teeth and deal with a sales consultant, the very thought can be a scary one for some people. Nowadays choosing the best sales consultant is just as important as choosing their associated builder. Making the correct decision will ensure a great design, prompt service and also cost effective ideas to maximize the space and style of the home whilst minimizing unnecessary expenditure. Building can be a very stressful time and it is important to have knowledgeable support around you. Below are four factors you should consider when deciding on the consultant you are about to build a home with.

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How much experience does your consultant have? Selling homes is difficult. Over 80% of sales consultants fail in the first 2 years. Finding success selling houses takes patience, time, reputation and integrity. The majority of sales consultants you would meet in WA would probably have less experience than you, when purchasing a home. Becoming an expert in building homes takes an incredibly complex skill set that only years of experience can bring. Ask the consultant how long they have done the job and for how many building companies they have done work for. An experienced consultant will be able to point out potential issues or hurdles and they will also be able to guide you to make the best decisions. Just remember a good consultant will always work hard to find the most affordable, cost effective way of giving you the best value or the maximum wow factor in your new home.

The Design
How good is the consultant at designing your home? Other than quality, design is hands down the most important factor when choosing a new home and make no mistake, it sometimes takes a while to get it right. Avoid walking into a display home and announcing “Ill take it” The best house will come from experienced design to customize the house to suit your needs and more importantly your budget. When it comes to design consultants, they either tick the box or they don’t. Does the property work well with the block to maximize views and outdoor living areas? Can you furnish the house easily? What about energy efficiency and solar orientation? Does the design have a “Wow” factor? Does the design have a good flow to it and does it minimize wasted space? The best consultants will easily provide you with a superior design every time.

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Trust and Reliability 
Building with a building company requires a very personal relationship with a consultant. Throughout a minimum 10 month period of building you will need to have them design the house, provide you with costings, provide payments, update variations not to mention pre-start, colour choices, building contracts, council approval and site works. Do a background check, request to speak to previous clients or read online reviews. Reliability is a large factor also, considering there will no doubt be multiple design changes and variations plus hours of appointments and time spent on the phone. Do they listen well and provide you with the best solution each time? How quickly does your consultant return calls or send you information? Does your consultant exceed your expectations or are you constantly frustrated at a lack of focus and service?

Whose side are they really on?
The best consultants are the ones that take great pride in providing the best service and best design at the best price to a client. Does your consultant get nervous at the concept of shopping around? Does your consultant happily leave you with designs and costings or do they limit how much info you can take away? Does your consultant mind if you need to take some time to think? Will your consultant demand a deposit before doing any work or will they happily organise a plan / design and costing for you? I believe in empowering the customer with all necessary information to make the best decision possible.  Have you ever visited a car yard or furniture gallery? The first thing the salesman will do is show you a product outside your budget to try to up sell you, hence they earn more commission. It’s actually counter intuitive but it is almost the exact opposite when working with a building consultant. The secret to success is finding the smart way to provide an option B that will give a client 90% of their expectation and only cost 10% of the cost. For example, a client may ask for double glazing windows. An inexperienced consultant would simply add it to the quote at $10k or more. A more experienced consultant would ask “Why?” and try to gain a better understanding of the desired outcome. Maybe laminated glass will give you the same effect for less than 2k!!

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In conclusion, my advice is to take as much time to choose your consultant as you do in choosing the building company. You will have a close relationship with them for the period of the building process. There will be countless appointments, discussions, negotiations and problem solving. Finding the right consultant that you trust will go a long way towards providing the experience you deserve.

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Who is Dane Jolly?

Dane has over 15 years experience in sales and customer service. Dane has worked as a design consultant / sales consultant in the Western Australian building industry for many years, prior to working with Ventura Homes. He has a wealth of knowledge around residential builds, in addition to being an accredited rural and in-fill specialist. Dane believes in providing genuine and honest customer service, he also believes it is all about the quality of the design, the best house doesn’t have to cost the most. Discover the difference today. 

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