Discover Tolix Marais Chairs

The Tolix Cafe Chair is a modern classic, lending itself to a variety of uses – whether it be at the dining table or in your courtyard.

Originally intended for exterior use, the Tolix chair looks at home indoors as well as for outdoor entertaining.

Here are some tips that can get you started:

The Tolix Chair in natural brushed metal, goes perfectly with an industrial-like kitchen.



If the galvanised look is too industralised for you, consider the Tolix in a vibrant colour or mix it up with a series of classic hues.


Classic black is a timeless option for the Tolix. They work perfectly indoors as well as outdoors, lending a modern and moody ambience to any space.


Soften the industrial look with faux fur throws (we love the ‘Ludde’ from IKEA).


Raw timber table tops and charcoal fur throws lives happily ever after with black Tolix chairs.



Mix and match galvanised and white Tolix chairs to re-create a Scandinavian vibe for your home.



The workspace/home office needn’t be neglected, either. For all-day comfort, utilise cushions as a chair seat.

Designed in 1934 in France, the original Tolix chairs can be difficult to find locally, but we’ve managed to source cost-effective replicas for a steal. We also love Freedom’s take on the Tolix!


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