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Discover Your Inner Interior Designer

1. Mood consideration 

One of the most important questions to consider when it comes to designing the interior of your home is, what mood do you want to create?

Think about how you want your home to feel and approach the style of your home from the inside out. If you decide what mood you want to create you can then decide which colours, furnishings and textures bring that feeling to life.

Monterosso master
The master suite inside the Monterosso utilises monochrome tones and crisp whites for a fresh design style

2. What don’t you like?

Sometimes it’s hard to narrow down your choices and stick to a particular style. Consider what you don’t want to include in your home and eliminate some of the definite ‘no’s’.

Indicating what you don’t like can break the ice and get you thinking about what you do like. Ask yourself, what living area would you find unattractive? Now flip that idea around and describe the opposite. Although this process may seem silly and simplistic, it can help you focus and start making some concise decisions.

3. Dream destinations 

Do you have a dream destination or a holiday spot you continue to visit? These locations can say a lot about our individual style. Sit down and note the places you love travelling to and also the destinations on your bucket list.

4. What about your wardrobe?

You may have your style of clothing figured out, but to some extent it is a common thread that runs throughout your life. One way to truly understand your style is to take a look at what you wear, your wardrobe and what you lean towards when you’re shopping. Once you know your general style you can hone in on decor that draws from this.

5. Focus on your most treasured items 

When it comes to altering your interior decor, it can be hard to figure out what you do and don’t like in your home. Take all of your favourite items and photograph them together. This way you can look at these items as a group and determine any consistent factors to help style your home the way you like.

temptation living area
The Temptation living area is simplistic yet effective, the light tones are offset by the dark cushions and stunning wall canvas

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