DIY Christmas Decorations

Have a Merry and creative Christmas season this year by making some DIY decorations, perfect for getting the family together and developing special ornaments that will last for years to come.

1. Advent Calendars

There are a range of creative options when it comes to making your own advent calendar. A great way to create your own is by using leftover cardboard boxes and even toilet roll. Another quirky design is through the use of clean pot plants and stencils in which you can paint numbers onto, to clearly display the days of the month leading to Christmas day. They can be arranged and hung in any formation you like, and filled with whatever treat you wish to receive. From lollies to chocolates and even toys for the kids. Your options are endless with this fun DIY decoration, suitable for any age.

advent calendars DIY
DIY advent calendars are a great way to get creative with the Family
DIY advent calendars
DIY wall advent calendar

2. Card Tree

Not sure how to display all of the cards you receive at this time of year, why not make them into a tree? Save your home from being sprawled with paper by hanging them beside a long fabric ribbon on the back or front of a door and placing the cards on each side, stemming downwards for the appearance of leaves on a tree. Using string and paperclips, hang the cards down either side of the ribbon, utilising as many or as little as you like. A bow at the top will finish this crafty idea off perfectly.

3. Keepsake Decorating 

Do you have special ornaments that have great meaning behind them, or have simply been in the family for a long time that you don’t want to throw out? Purchase a shadow box or a frame that is large enough to place them in. Line the frame with bright paper or a background pattern you love, then affix the decorations inside with double sided adhesive pads.

4. Creative Tree Ornaments 

This DIY decoration is perfect for the family. Hold on to any popsicle sticks you have or buy some from your local craft store. You can use any sort of knitting fabric in any colour and decorate until your hearts content. You will need approximately 3 popsicle sticks, one for the back of the tree and one or two for the bottom to the top of the tree, as pictured below. Cut down one of your sticks until you’re content with it’s size and place them in order of largest to smallest, working your way from the bottom to the top. Once they are glued together, you can start weaving your fabric around the tree. Once you’re happy with how it looks, add some buttons, stickers, or any other decorations you like.

xmas tree popsicle
A perfect DIY christmas decoration for the Family

5. Christmas Vase & Flowers 

The perfect DIY decoration to add sophistication to any room of the house. If you have a spare glass jar that is large enough to store your desired flowers, that’s perfect – otherwise, visit your local craft store and pick up a glass vase to decorate. Using your favourite wrapping paper, cut it down to size by wrapping it around the jar and cutting at the top of the vase, remember it’s better to cut down until you reach your desired size, rather than cut too much. Your next step is to place the paper inside the vase and fill it with any flowers or decorations you desire. Red, green and white will create the perfect Christmas touch. You can finish off this creative design by adding some bells around the top of the vase.

Another option is to choose a coloured glass vase and create any pattern you desire with paint. The options are endless with this DIY decoration.

xmas vase flowers
A simple DIY decoration that will brighten up any room


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