Exploring The Value of Innovative Home Design in Western Australia

Ever wandered through a display home and pictured yourself living there and then stopped when you realise the room design doesn’t actually allow your family sized sofa to fit anywhere?

The value of great home design can never be over-stated. It’s about so much more than a floor plan that fits on your block.

Real design innovation comes to light when you look closely at how real people live, work and play in their homes.

Ventura Homes’ head designer, Graeme Masson, is clear about the designer’s over-arching role in delivering a liveable home.

“It’s about eliminating all the ‘I-should-haves’ from your design, and then taking it up a notch,” Graeme says.

With many award-winning home designs to his credit, he should know. Graeme oversees a busy department with no room for mediocrity.

“We push ourselves and my design team will tell you that expectations are high! Thinking about how today’s families live, analysing changing lifestyles and trends and scrutinising detail is all of critical importance.”

“We want a Ventura customer to walk into our display homes or see a floor plan for the first time, and it instinctively feels right. So they can be confident that all the ‘why didn’t they do this?’ questions have been asked and answered in the design.”

“You can’t just carve up floor space on a one-dimensional plan, tick off the rooms required to call it a ‘home’ and think it will work! Sadly there are homes out there that feel this way.”

Ventura Homes’ design team thinks from a personal perspective, asking questions like:

How would daily family life work here? Where should access areas go to ensure a natural flow of activity? Will this space work to guarantee master suite privacy?

“We even look at things like where children will run in and out of the home. It all matters within the overall design. After larger space issues comes fine tuning, like power point location, cupboard handle placement and numerous small but important details.”

So how do Ventura designers keep coming up with stunning new designs?

“We have to always be ahead with the next big thing” says Graeme.

Designers travel overseas to explore emerging trends, and attend national and international expos to gain ideas from new design thinking and products.

“We look at luxury homes for inspiration and nuances we can work on. Our customers travel and expect global style features in their designs, such as luxury bathrooms or private garden retreats.”

The Sentosa, Ventura’s 2011 South West HIA Display Home of the Year is a perfect example of a home expressing overseas design influences and flair.

The Award Winning Sentosa by Ventura Homes.
The Award Winning Sentosa by Ventura Homes.

What about the elevation?

“We have to get the floor plan right first” says Graeme. “Then we tackle the elevation to bring it all together.”

Designing a great elevation is all about scale, according to Graeme. It’s about getting the roof pitch, clean angles and lines to express the design in proportions that feel right.

His years of experience mean he understands the value of street appeal.

“It counts for our Ventura customers, and we work hard to create stand out looks and individuality. Look closely at how real people live, work and play in their homes. Our customers travel and expect global style features”