Building Information – Finalising The Interior

January 28, 2016

Internal Site Works

Now that the exterior is almost finalised, it’s time to start and finish on the interior of the home. This is the fun stage, where your home truly comes to life and all the creative decisions you made prior in pre-start come to fruition. Here’s the rundown of what happens in this 4th stage of the construction process.

The doors and shelves are fitted

To begin the next phase, your carpenter will return to your home and install all internal doors and any shelving that you may have chosen during your prestart.

The plumber gets everything organised for the cabinet maker 

Your plumber will return to site and install your bath, checking all the pipe work and making sure everything is ready for the cabinets and tiling to be installed.

The cabinets go in 

Next, the cabinet maker will install all required cabinets for your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry. When your cabinets are installed you will notice a green layer of sheeting on top, it is important not to remove this coating as it protects the bench tops. When your home is near completion, the protective coating will be removed; revealing your beautifully protected benchtops. If you have selected Essastone bench tops, the structure of the cabinets will be installed and measurements will be taken for the stone tops to be custom-made to suit your home. Once made, they are ready for delivery and installed at a later date.

Kitchen Works

In this Ventura Homes house, the kitchen is well under way.

The waterproofing and ceramic tiling

Before the next step can begin, your ceramic tiles are delivered to site. An on-site meeting will be arranged by your Client Liaison Officer, with your site supervisor to discuss and confirm the layout and locations of your tiles in accordance to your house plans. This meeting will also allow your site supervisor to give you a final overview of the final stages of your homes construction.

Next, your tiler will begin preparing the floors of your wet areas by levelling where necessary. He will then start constructing your shower hobs, ready for waterproofing. Once the waterproofing has been completed, your tiler can continue to lay the selected tiles throughout your home.

With the tiling now completed, your builder can start to add the finishing touches.

The garage hardstands, drives and paths

As you reach the final stages of construction, with the majority of work being completed inside your home, it’s now time to finalise the outside. Your site supervisor will now arrange for your concrete hardstand in your garage to be poured. As the majority of houses come standard with a remote sectional door, measurements will now be taken on-site and the creation of your custom door will be built offsite.

This door will then be delivered and installed prior to your first Practical Completion Inspection (PCI 1), and is usually one of the last items to be carried out. With the garage concrete hardstand now complete, your paving will be delivered to site and the driveway/ paved areas will be prepared to be laid.

Wall Painting

Inside a Ventura Homes residence during the fifth stage of construction

The painting begins

In the meantime, your ceilings are sanded back, internal doors and shelves are installed and painting can begin. At this stage, it’s important to remember that areas haven’t been unattended or forgotten. It is important to be aware that painting happens in many stages. In the first stage, your painter will begin by spraying the ceilings and undercoating the doors and frames. This is all done together before the tiler can start.

Once tiling has been completed, the painter returns for stage two, applying paint to the frames and completing any other painting that you agreed upon in your prestart consultation.

The shower screens and mirrors are measured

The finishing touches now start to happen, because that bathroom isn’t complete without that extra sparkle. These are just the start of the many small items which need to be completed to bring your home together.

The plumbing and gas fit-off

Your plumber and electrician will now return to complete and ‘commission’ your home, this is commonly referred to as ‘finals’ and includes items such as:

• Installation of light and power points
• Fitting and commissioning of appliances ensuring they work correctly
• Installing taps, hot water units and toilet suites
• Installing and checking any gas appliances ensuring they work correctly

Once your electrician has finished all their work in the roof space, your roof insulation is installed.

Painting completion

Finally, your painter returns for the last time to apply the final coat of gloss paint to all doors and frames, plus any touch ups as required prior to your first Practical Competition Inspection (known as PCI 1). This is now the end of stage 5 – finalising the interior.


If you need some interior design ideas during this stage, our Live Better blog has plenty for you. Read our Spring Colours to Brighten up Your Home for ideas on how to get fresh vibes throughout your home. Take a look at some great landscaping ideas for your new home. 

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