Getting Your Pool & Spa Summer Ready

With the weather heating up and friends and family visiting, it’s important your pool and spa is ready for the silly season.

Take a look at our tips to make sure they look warm and inviting this Summer.

For the pool

  • Fill

Ensure there is enough water in the pool by filling it to the middle of the skimmer opening.

  • Remove the cover 

If your pool has a cover, it’s time to take it off. Remove any dirt, fallen leaves or shrubs from it before it’s removed. It’s a smart idea to sweep and clean your cover to prevent sticking in future. Storing it somewhere dry and cool will ensure it lasts over time.

  • Check the skimmer, filter & pump

Make sure all of your equipment is clean and ready to go. Start the circulation and remove any dirt from the pool. Your filter plays an imperative roll in your pools hygiene so ensure it’s working properly, if it isn’t, neither will your chemicals.

  • Test the water

Get the filter going 1 – 2 days before testing the water. Take a water sample to your local pool shop so they can analyse your water and provide any chemicals your pool may require.

  • Test sanitiser and pH levels 

Once you have followed the instructions from your pool shop, use a test strip to check the pH, bromine and chlorine levels. Based on the advice from your pool shop, ensure the levels of these chemicals aren’t too low or high.

  • Maintenance 

To ensure your pool stays sparkling clean, ensure the water circulates and filtration is working correctly. Also make sure it is tested regularly as well as cleaned.

For the spa 

Looking after your spa is quite similar to maintaining your pool. You want to ensure your pool or your spa are looked after well as they are an investment and allow you to enjoy the beautiful Summer weather of Western Australia.

  • Cleaning

One of the most important factors of having a spa is keeping it clean. Body odour and cosmetics can cause a scum line to build up on the walls of your spa which is unsightly and unhygienic. This can be cleaned away using a gentle cleaner, and any dirt can be removed using a spa vacuum. Ensure you also empty the skimmer basket regularly.

  • Circulation & filtration 

It’s imperative to circulate the water in your spa for approximately four hours every day, at least. It’s a great idea to clean your spa filter around once a month and replace it every eight to twelve months. If you don’t ensure your filter is clean, the water won’t be either.

  • Chemicals, Testing, Draining & Refilling 

A warm spa encourages the growth of bacteria and algae. To ensure this is kept at bay, correct chemical treatment is required to protect your spa and the people who use it. To ensure it stays clean, test the water regularly. You will be able to find out and prevent any potential problems if you know what to do before the problem arises. You should test your spa water at least once a week, twice if you are using it often. Every month you should take some sample water to your local pool/spa centre for an analysis of your water. Following their instructions will keep your spa looking sparkling clean.

Draining & refilling your spa depends on how often you use it. The water will sooner or later need to be drained and refilled. You can often tell when this time comes as the water will smell, look and feel bad. Most professional pool/spa centres recommend changing the water every three months for a regular spa user.

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