Green with Envy: How to add Green into your Interior Design

Green with Envy: How to add Green into your Interior Design

Green is the colour we find in nature and is the most relaxing to our eyes. It is the most abundant and related to life, fertility, nature, harmony, freshness and freedom. We respond very well to green and blue, because green and blue are the primary colours of our planet Earth. When you are using green in your interior design, you are bringing the natural world inside. It will work with what you got, so long as it has the same tonal value.

First, let’s look at colour meaning. Green is the colour of nature, representing balance, harmony and healing. It also symbolizes life, growth, environment,  money, safety, relaxation and freshness. It is said green helps to treat hyperactivity in children, restoring a calm environment and aiding relief int hose who suffer from auto-immune problems like asthma or bronchitis.

Like with any other bright colour, some shades can cause nausea, so one way to use green is to combine different hues of it. Combine greens with neutrals and blues for a coastal look. Also try mixing in a tiny bit of the complementary colour red into your green paint to add complexity and depth, or alternatively, tint the green paint with white or grey (or discolour it with some yellow or blue).

Lighting influences colour in interior design, so test any green paint you want to use in every possible daylight situation as well as under artificial lighting.

  • Use citrus greens (think lime and melon) to bring brightness into a gloomy space.
  • Use green in an entry hall to provide a natural link from the outdoors to the inside of your home.
  • A hunter green or emerald green (in high gloss for a gem effect) creates a welcoming front door for a traditional modern home.
  • Make a kitchen feel open and airy by including sea-green cabinets.
  • Earthy greens (grey-green, moss, olive) are great for the exterior of a traditional home.
  • Brighter greens like lime can add vitality to the outside of a modern or art deco home.

Effective Green Colour Combinations

  • Lime green and pink
  • Palm green and burnt orange
  • Kelly green and navy and crisp white
  • Pale aqua and raspberry
  • Sage green and silver

Nervous to try green? Test it out in small doses through green-accented decorative accessories like pillows, sculptures and wall art.

To see a display home that uses splashes of bright green from its exterior through to inside, check out The Spectrum by Ventura Homes below:

Spectrum 2
The Spectrum display home by Ventura Homes.

Use bright hues sparingly in the front elevation exterior and subtle it down with a warm colour and texture.

Spectrum 7
The Spectrum display home by Ventura Homes.

It is said green helps increase appetite, so add a splash to the dining meals area.

Spectrum 6
The Spectrum display home by Ventura Homes.

A green translucent splashback in the kitchen reflects natural lighting effortlessly, creating the illusion of more light in the kitchen.

Spectrum 10
The Spectrum display home by Ventura Homes.

Avoid going overboard with green in the living room but rather use it through accessories.

Spectrum 11
The Spectrum display home by Ventura Homes.

In the bedroom, green relaxes you for sleep. Combine this with yellow (an optimistic spirited colour) and your bedroom will feel fresh and positive, hopefully encouraging positive dreams.

Spectrum 4
The Spectrum display home by Ventura Homes.

Green in the bathroom induces and atmosphere of tranquility and peace, making the mood perfect for a relaxing soak in the bath.

Spectrum 8
The Spectrum display home by Ventura Homes.

Like The Spectrum? It’s located at 13 Bruny Meander Honeywood Estate, Wandi, Western Australia.

Opening Times:

Monday & Wednesday 2pm-5pm

Saturday & Public Holiday’s 1pm-5pm

Sunday 12pm-5pm


Hat Tip to HGTVremodels and She Knows