Home Office Design Ideas For The Entrepreneur

The study (home office) plays a wide variety of roles. If you work from home, it is your 9-5 place of business. For others, it’s a place to pay the bills, go through your mail or just store general important documents. The study could also be made out into the home library, or for kids’, it can also be their private place to play hours of computer games.

If you are planning on renovating or re-decorating your home office, make sure to have storage as your number one priority. With so many papers, books and supplies you will be storing in the office, be innovative with how you store it, display it or conceal it. Once this is under control, start personalising your home with plenty of memorabilia, photographs, travel souvenirs, some greenery and colourful paintings to make it less dull and more vibrant.

Home Office Design: Carve out a workspace in your home with these with creative home office ideas below:

Chianti 16
Elegance with minimalist decor in The Chianti Display Home by Ventura Homes
Industrial style design seen in this informal office. Via The Colonnade Display Home by Ventura Homes
The Prodigy 7
Sleek masculine-chic home office decor in The Prodigy Display Home by Ventura Homes


Nirvana 13
Make the home office welcoming with guest chairs. Pictured: The Nirvana Display Home by Ventura Homes
Haven 9
Simple and refined in this black and white office seen in The Haven Display Home by Ventura Homes
Put the mirror out on display. The Macquarie Display Home by Ventura Homes.
Sentosa 5
Home office by the window; taking advantage of natural light (And lots of it). Via The Sentosa Display Home by Ventura Homes
Add a sunset painting to your home office and brighten it up. Seen in The Kamala Resort Display Home by Ventura Homes
New Dimension 17
Timber laminate floors and a simple work desk. The New Dimension Display Home by Ventura Homes