Home Security – Ensuring Your Home Is Safe

Securing the home is an important aspect of keeping your home and contents safe. Your home is your sanctuary, where you are free to relax with your family and pets. It’s also probably where all your favourite things are. With all this being said – your home is worth protecting.

Break-ins are more likely to occur if it is obvious that no one is home. Increase security in your home to minimise potential break-ins. For example, if you are going away, it would be wise to:

  • Place a hold on any deliveries
  • Arrange for someone to collect the mail or put a hold on it
  • Lock away tools and ladders
  • Have the lawn mown regularly if you are away for a longer period of time; and
  • Advise friendly neigbours that you will be away and where you will be.
Living Room with Alarm
Install your security system in the ceiling. An alarm is seen here in this design by Ventura Homes

A number of steps can also be taken to upgrade the security of a standard home. You might consider installing:

  • Movement sensors that activate lights when movement outside the home is detected.
  • An alarm system.
  • Lamps fitted with timers, set to simulate normal living patterns.
  • A computerised home management system.

In this day and age, there are also many advanced ‘smart home’ security systems that include surveillance cameras and more. For further information on home security system options, visit your local electronic/hardware store or simply utilise the internet for more information.

If you have children, you will already know that things need to be made safer for them too. Read our ‘How to Ensure Your Home is Child Friendly‘ guide to help advise you. Having a clean and well organised home makes security more efficient. Read our Tips for Cleaning Your Home Part 1 and Part 2 to get you started.