How the Right Pre-Start Colour Choices Add Value to Your New Home

Professional colour selection service.
Professional colour selection service .

How the Right Pre-Start Colour Choices Add Value to Your New Home.

Colour creates moods, evokes memories and builds dreams.

Beautiful colour in the home adds value to daily life, your investment and your resale prospects. When the colour scheme is perfect, it’s a visual symphony.

But get it wrong and it’s not easy to ‘fix’. Colour extends further than wall paint (think floor and wall tiles, benchtops, splashbacks, cupboard doors, paving, roof) so the cost, time and inconvenience of rectifying it is not something you want.

To avoid costly mistakes, it pays to do your research. Before you grab the paintbrush, take a careful look at all the colour choices available to you, and make sure you understand how the different shades, tones and textures can work together to create the look you want.

Bedroom in The Paramount Display Home.
Bedroom in The Paramount Display Home.

Another handy tip is to work from the outside in as you explore different colour schemes and preferences. Start with your roof and look at layering colours, textures and finishes to achieve a beautiful balance in your elevation. Then, move inside to floors, walls, tiling, kitchen and bathroom benchtops, cupboard doors, handles, tapware…the list goes on! However, by knowing where you’ll be starting from, and forming a plan of attack for the rest, hopefully the list won’t seem so daunting.

One tried and tested way to add colour to your home is to use neutral tones and accent them. After all, accenting creatively with colour allows you to create refreshed looks easily. White is still very popular as a base, with its light and clarity forming a backdrop for solid colours. Simply add vibrant soft furnishings, rugs and a brilliant piece of artwork to finish it off.

Feeling a little more daring? Why not incorporate a personal statement into your home, like a sculpture, an unusual painting or striking overseas art or furniture. Then, look for colours that will enhance the piece – you don’t want it to be too overpowering, but enough to make a real statement in your home. Try and make sure the piece you choose to accentuate is something you’ll be happy to see in your home for years to come.

However you choose to add colour to your home, just remember to take your time and consider the effect your choices will have on your home.

After all, getting your new home colour scheme right ensures a stunning, value-adding outcome – one that will serve you and your home well for many years to come. If you’d like more information on how to bring out the best in your new Ventura home, visit one of our Ventura display homes, located across Perth and the SW of Western Australia.

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