Creating the Ultimate Sci-fi Home

July 4, 2014

Creating the Ultimate Sci-fi Home - Ventura Homes

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Science fiction is an imaginative genre that draws us in with its futuristic settings, unique characters and innovative use of technology; broadening our minds with complex concepts of space travel, parallel universes and extraterrestrial life. Combined with similar genres like Space Opera, its given us iconic films and TV shows, such as Men in Black, Star Wars, Star Trek and Inception; to Futurama, Stargate and Doctor Who.

All of these and more have captured the imagination of generations and filled shelves with seemingly limitless amounts of merchandise. So would you believe me if I told you that some sci-fi merchandise can actually fit into a stylish, modern home quite nicely? And if you don’t believe me, I find your lack of faith disturbing. 

Either way, embrace your inner nerd and check out all the ways you can add touches of sci-fi throughout your home. Guests will be impressed and your partner will love you for it.


Firstly, if you’re wanting to show off that you have a Sci-Fi themed home in your elevation exterior, take a risk with two contrasting colours and one neutral to balance it out, such as metallic silver or white. It creates a bold, futuristic look while still staying modern contemporary.


Start off with welcoming your guests with Star Wars doormats. Who wouldn’t want to wipe their feet on Master Yoda or Darth Vadar. Found here on Etsy.


Purchase unique designed furniture. The Nelson Marshmallow Sofa, the Henrik Thor-Larsen Ovalia Egg Chair, the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair and the bubble chair by Aarnio Ero are all iconic designer chairs that are still selling today, giving off the perfect futuristic vibe. If you can’t afford the designer versions, there are plenty of replica’s available to buy over the internet.


Decal stickers look great for decorating the walls of your living room or the nursery. They are easy to remove and are re-usable. There are also some sites that allow you to customise your own decal sticker, making for a nice, personalised gift. Check these out and more on Amazon. 


Another alternative to decal stickers is decorating the walls with framed prints of iconic sci-fi movie posters. From cheesy vintage B movies to box office successes, you will easily find a poster to match the mood of the room you’re creating. Check out Etsy and Movie Poster.


Get the distinctive visual style from the film Tron: Legacy and transform your home office into a digital world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games through official Tron computer merchandise, all while listening to the wicked Daft Punk sounds for the movie on a Tron Sound dock. Head to Razer and for the Tron Audio Sound Dock head to Amazon.


Don’t forget to decorate your desk with interactive office toys. The Levitating Globe found on Amazon, Newton’s Cradle Balance Balls from Amazon, Cosmos Art in Motion found on Amazon and the Robot USB Hub from Office Playground.


Add some almost realistic movie magic into your home theatre by inserting a life-sized Han Solo frozen in carbonite decal sticker (it also comes in a rug version). Guests will know not to mess around with you and it makes for a great conversation starter about carbonite. While we’re on the subject of the home theatre, consider doing a star ceiling with fibre optic and LED lighting. It gives you that sensation of sleeping out under the stars. More info at Starscape.


Odd-shaped mirrors, romantic lightsabre candles and geometric trippy vases are a cost effective way to accessorize your home and add those subtle touches of randomness, should you not want to overdo it through furniture or other means. Why not go one step further and go DIY? Create a Death Star disco ball to glam up your bedroom, so every night is disco night!

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Mirror found on Etsy, Tonin Casa ‘Wave’ table and Model Stone Mirrors from Tonin Casa, Normann Copenhagen Swing glass Vases, Lightsabre candle from Think Geek, Space Mirror Stickers from Scoops Design, DIY Death Star on Our Nerd Home and the Snug Geometric Vase.


Want to make your kitchen look like something out of The Jetsons? When designing, think about using translucent materials. When paired with LED lights, it creates a spaceship glow and illuminates attractively. Ghost chairs also add a nice futuristic touch. Check out LED inspired kitchens at Houzz.


Many sci-films have created kitchen related merchandise. For example, the R2-D2 measuring set disassembles into 6 measuring cups and 4 spoons and reassembles faster than C-3PO. As Darth Vader demonstrates, cooking with a droid is super easy, fun and useful! Found on Think Geek.


The activity room requires games to entertain the whole family. Inception’s spinning totem, Star Wars Lego (you’re never too old for lego), Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek’s Tri-Dimensional Chess are all fun additions besides the usual monopoly and scrabble.


Decorate your bedroom with glow in the dark stars across your walls and ceilings to create a celestial glow. Otherwise, look into getting a funky retro alarm clock, like Space Invaders for example. Lastly, finish it off with Star Wars pillow slips for him and her- depicting the famous love exchange between Princess Leia and Han Solo.


Besides mounting lightsabres onto the walls for a romantic glow and using L.E.D blue lights to enhance the kitchen, why not experiment with oddly designed but funky lamps. This one is an alien abduction lamp by Lasse Klein from here


Changing up your wardrobe is another nice subtle way to show off your love for space opera films and science fiction TV shows, without fearof going overboard in your interior design. Bathrobes are comfortable and stylish, where you are likely to wear your favourite characters attire. Check out Iron Man, Chewbacca, Star Trek Captain Kirk and Doctor Who to name some.


Action figure dolls can be fun and creepy at the same time, so why not dedicate a whole shelf of them into the man-cave. Flash Gordon, an evil alien from Mars Attacks! and Fry from Futurama are great manly inclusions into the home that will impress the ladies in your life.


Don’t forget about the pets. The Star Trek Captains bed is a creative alternative to the normal pet beds you see in the shops, and your pet will thank you for putting them in charge. For something more DIY, try dressing your dog up in a Ewok costume. For the cats, think about transforming their beds into UFO’s from Hepper. Regardless of what you do, your pet will enjoy the extra attention.


Remember Stargate? Open your own Stargate portal in your backyard with some great circular brickwork in your garden. For something requiring less work, look at getting an astro bird feeder in the style of The Jetsons found on Amazon or a cosmic wind chime.  If you’re feeling extra crafty, create your own Yoda bronzed-lookalike statue to place outside. Head to Yak Face for the DIY instructions. It’s a really nifty and inexpensive DIY project you’ll enjoy doing because it involves spray painting a Yoda toy!


Want to see a display home that will compliment all these sci-fi merchandise mentioned above plus much more?

The Essence display home by Ventura Homes has a galactic-inspired design that sci-fi fans will appreciate. Its beautiful rich contrast of red and black can be observed from the front elevation and throughout the home, with dashes of metallic silver flickering here and there, making the home feel contemporary modern and futuristic, but without being too over the top. When looking at recreating a sci-fi home, choose two bold, contrasting colours and then balance it with an off shade of white and metallic silver highlights.

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