How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the WA Summer

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the WA Summer. 7 tips to keep your dog cool this summer:

1. Don’t ever leave your pet in the car

Never leave your pet in a parked car. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting milk or just picking up a prescription. As with babies, leaving an animal in the car is extremely dangerous and even fatal.

To keep your pet safe, either shop at a pet friendly store or leave him home with the air conditioner running.

2. The Dog Beach

Hot summer days usually make the best beach days. It’s not a good idea to go in the middle of the day. The best time in Western Australia is either after the sea breeze has come in, or early in the morning or late afternoon.

Don’t forget to take plenty of fresh water, and its always a good idea to apply sunscreen to your dogs nose if he can tolerate it.

3. In the pool

You can let your dog into the back yard pool if he’s a skilled swimmer- but make sure he’s not drinking chlorinated water. Also, rinse off your dog after their tip with fresh hose water. Chlorine and salt will be uncomfortable for your dog.

4. Haircut Dog

Give your dog’s fur a nice cut. Make sure not to trim all the way down to his skin, as this will leave your pet without protection from the sun. Keeping your cat or dog brushed, well-groomed, and free of any excess fur will do wonders for his or her summer.

5. Exercise intelligently

While exercise is important for both pets and their caretakers, it’s usually best when kept to the early hours of the morning and later in the afternoon/evening.

Never force your pet to go for a walk in the heat, especially on asphalt where he can burn his paws.

6. Water, water, water!

Make sure your dog drinks plenty of water throughout the day. Even placing a small amount in your hand and having your dog lick the water can remind your dog to walk over to the water bowl more often. Its a good idea to remind yourself to keep the dogs water topped up, left in the shade and use cool water. Throw in a couple of ice cubes for an extra heat relief.

7. Beat the heat, stay inside.

You think you’re hot. Animals are more sensitive to heat than people. Too much sun can be extremely dangerous. So if the day’s turning out to be uncomfortably hot, do your pet a favour and bring him inside.

Tips via Global Animal