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How To Maintain A Well Organised Wardrobe

Regardless of whether your wardrobe is a walk in or a clothes rail on it’s own, maintaining a well organised wardrobe can make your life much easier.
Read on to see some simple, yet effective ways on How To Maintain A Well Organised Wardrobe.

  • Think both inside and outside the box 

While built in solutions are effective, you don’t have to stick to using them alone. Floating shelves can be a great way to display your favourite items. If you would like to get creative, why not do it in your child’s wardrobe. As their items are much smaller than ours, you can use a mixture of clothes rails, wall mounted open or closed boxes and shelving too. Don’t be afraid to incorporate different styles.

  • Utilise your space 

The great thing about built in wardrobes is that you can make use of all of the space, even if it’s an awkward area. Shelves can be added to small and tight corners, rails can be positioned for items with a range of heights and drawers can be incorporated in other spaces. Don’t be unsettled because the space isn’t square – you can still maintain a well organised wardrobe.

  • Colour co-ordinate

If you have a large range of shoes and don’t know how to store them, why not add a shelving unit if your wardrobe space allows for it? You can even colour coordinate your shoes for further appeal – but remember that you will need a lip at the end of your shelves to ensure they don’t fall out.

You can also colour coordinate your outfits. This is a great way of maintaining organisation and making it easier to find particular garments to develop your outfit for the day.

  • Consider lighting 

If you have a decent sized walk in wardrobe, it’s important to consider lighting. Your WIR won’t be very well organised if you can’t see what you’re working with. If you have no natural light coming into your WIR you may need more than one light. If you want something a bit fancier than a solo light, why not add LED strip lighting so you can locate what you’re looking for quickly.

  • Cover up 

If you don’t want all of your wardrobe items to be on display, adding a sleek bank of doors will ensure your room doesn’t look cluttered. Incorporating drawers, cabinet, shelves and rails behind these doors will ensure your wardrobe maintains organisation.

wardrobe sunset cove
The well appointed wardrobe inside The Sunset Cove by Ventura Homes
allure wardrobe
The Allure by Ventura Homes boasts a trendy open wardrobe
monterey wardrobe
A quaint, tucked away wardrobe as seen in The Monterey by Ventura Homes
A well organised wardrobe doesn't have to be on show - The sliding mirrored robe as seen in The Monterosso by Ventura Homes
A well organised wardrobe doesn’t have to be on show – The sliding mirrored robe as seen in The Monterosso by Ventura Homes
new dimension wardrobe
The wardrobe inside The New Dimension by Ventura Homes has an abundance of space to keep your outfits organised