How To Make The Most of Your Cosy Night In

So you had a night in on a Saturday? No biggie. A cosy night in is just as good as night out, if not better.

In 5 super simple steps, here’s how to make your cosy night in all the more enjoyable:

1. Take a bath.

How long has the bath been neglected for in favour of the shower? Perhaps too long. On a night in, you have more time to prep the bath, light the candles, turn on the music and unwind.

The Bel Air Display Home by Ventura Homes


2. Cook up a storm in the kitchen

That’s right, on a cosy night in you have more time to put your culinary skills to the test. Plus, it’s food which you can use later to snack on whilst watching a movie.

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3. Drink Refreshments

Pour yourself a well deserved orange juice, raspberry cordial or glass of red, or go one step further and create a delicious super healthy smoothie.

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4. Escape into the home theatre

If you don’t have Netflix, get out your movie collection and select some favourites that will make you laugh or thrill you.

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5. Sit outside in the Alfresco

It’s getting warmer in the evenings so utilise your alfresco – turn on the music and sit back, basking in the fresh air.

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