Energy Consumption In the Home

Managing your energy use in the home is important as it is the most cost-effective strategy you can implement whilst also helping the environment.

Energy efficiency revolves around the goal of reducing the amount of energy required to provide to electronic products and services.

Here are some quick ways to manage your energy use more effectively.

Window Protection 

Summer Shading 

Invest in external summer shading devices, as they are a very effective way of keeping your house cool.

  • North, east and west facing windows are advised to be shaded by vertical shading devices such as blinds or shutters, or by planting deciduous trees.
  • North facing windows can also be shaded by suitably designed eaves or pergolas that provide access for the winter sun, whilst shading the summer sub.

Winter Protection

Windows lose 10 times more heat in winter compared to the same area of insulated wall. You can halve the amount of heat loss by:

  1. Having tinted windows
  2. Close fitting drapes or blinds that trap a layer of insulating still air between them and the glass when closed.
Expansive living area with natural lighting and shades.
An open living area with natural lighting and shades. Seen in The Allure Display Home.


Insulation is the single most effective item you can add to your home to improve its energy efficiency, causing your home to be up to 10 degrees cooler in Summer and around 5 degrees warmer in Winter.

A standard requirement to your home would be:

  • Insulate all ceilings (it is compuslory for every new home to be fitted with ceiling insulation).

Heating and Cooling Systems

Having the flexibility to heat and cool individual zones of the home with energy efficient heaters and coolers is the key to a comfortable, cost effective system.

Energy Light Bulbs
Gorgeous Energy-Efficient Light fixtures inside The Sunset Cove display home by Ventura Homes


Make good use of natural light (particularly from north facing windows). Other tips include:

  • Light coloured walls and ceilings
  • Energy efficient fluorescent lights in living areas

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