Inspirational Spaces for Your Home Office

We continue exploring inspirational spaces with our home office showcase. The cohesive decor of these spaces creates a calm atmosphere amidst the expected office disarray.

A very classical style home office, with a very contemporary spin. An eye catching round mirror is the centrepiece of this elegant office and study room.


An extremely popular study room, as seen in the display home, ‘The Prodigy.’ This home office is calming and simplistic enough to help the worker avoid any distractions, with lots of natural light and lighter colours.


A study space for a home business owner or student, with lots of space for books and filing. Perhaps most inspiring for a creative type with a small amount of space to work with.


Another popular home office in “The Chianti” by Ventura Homes. An office and study for the worker who likes lots of natural light, open windows to the garden for inspiration. A clean, easy to navigate room.


More of a home library than a study or office, this space is designed by Architect Núria Selva Villaronga. The room is designed for a couple or team of two as a pleasant place to read, work and study. With plenty or room for books, this study is perfect for collaboration and conversation, with open space and natural light.

This study, in “The Haven” is nestled between two rooms. Close to the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, this home office takes you away from other distractions around the house, but also allows you to reach rooms like the kitchen for that lunchtime sandwich.


This home office area pulls back on any grand designs, a style for an urban dweller with a passion for old world charm and 21st century design and simplicity.


An Italian inspired office from the design team at Ventura Homes. “The Nirvana” hosts this work office for the discerning professional, wide enough to fit in seats for visiting clients or advisors.

With a strong wooden finish, this home office offers natural light yet strength of privacy. There’s also a place for storage and a small kitchen area for serving coffee.