Interior Design: Animal Print

Interior Design: Animal Print

Animal print is one of those trends that is here to permanently stay. Don’t be hesitant to experiment with these loud, bold prints throughout the home, as you just have to know how to incorporate it into the space.

As there is a fine line between trendy and tacky when it comes to animal print, if you do use it – you need to make it the focal piece in the room.

Although aggressive, it is also playful, so be mindful of what you pair animal print with so to further make the space inviting and comforting.

Do not overdo animal print, as it is a dominant and loud. Make it classy by adding thoughtful splashes of it.

Below are interior design examples of where animal print has been effectively used:

Leopard print chairs. Image via Houzz
Image via Ventura Homes ‘The Macquarie’ Display Home
Place an animal print running mat along the staircase. Image via Houzz
Have an animal print footstool in the living room. Image via Houzz
Animal print wallpaper can look effective in the bathroom. Image via Houzz
Image via Ventura Homes ‘The Montrose’ Display Home
Brighten up the animal print by pairing it with brighter colours. Image via Houzz
Animal print on leather can look masculine-chic. Image via Houzz
Get the look of animal print through other ways besides fabric. Here, the paving is reflected to look like that of a giraffe print. Image via Ventura Homes ‘The Nirvana’ Display Home