Interior Design: The Wood Look Tiles Trend

Did you know – tiles is big business. According to reports, Americans bought 2.19 billion square feet of it in 2012. Fast forward to 2015, and you can only imagine how many tiles are being sold in Australia, let alone the rest of the world. Technologies like digital imaging and ink-jet printing are transforming less-expensive tiles like porcelain and cermic, giving them the looks of marble, granite, agate, terrazzo, malachite, limestone and wood.

Right now, one of the most popular trends in the world is the wood-grain tile look. This trend has been gaining momentum for several years and now there are more styles and sizes to choose from.There are other styles of wood-look tile trends to choose from. See below to kickstart your own tile ideas for your home:

Mixed Wood Look Tiles

A chic-surfer shack look can be created by mixing different wood-look tiles together. Via Keraben

An advantage of using different styles and colours is that you can mix and match in unique ways that would be pretty much impossible with reclaimed wood.


Instant aging.

The aged down look is great for a coastal themed home, cottage, a rustic cabin or shabby chic-space. Via Pamesa Ceramica

This weathered-down look seen here has been helped by digital imaging and ink-jet printing, making it look like for years it has aged from exposure to the elements.


Wood-look tile from wall to wall to ceiling 

Wood-look tile from wall to wall to ceiling. A stylish look. via Metropol

Like the wood-look tile trend? Many designers are being daring enough to put it from wall to wall to ceiling, to create a space that is seemingly endless and more spacious.

Traditional hardwood looks in tile

Some tiles look so much like hardwood that it’s hard to believe they are porcelain.

For families with younger children, it’s great to have flooring that is hard wearing and resilient against high volumes of traffic through the home. This is where traditional hardwood floor planks and patterns (i.e. herringbone) in the form of porcelain look great and act great.

Traditional dimensions. 

Looking for a pattern that has a traditional design? The parquet is easy to achieve. Via Crossville

For a traditional design, go the parquet look, a pattern that is entirely geometrical and angular – squares, triangles, lozenges.


Variations in plank size.