How To Make Your Guests Feel Welcome.

One of the joys about home ownership is opening your door to family and friends. No matter if it’s an overnight stay, or something longer (like friends staying from overseas), you’ll want to ensure your guests feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable within your home.

So, how can you prep your home for guests? Here are some thought starters to get you going.

Provide the essentials.

A day or two before your guests arrive, head to your guest bedroom and make sure everything is good to go. This includes:

  • Ensuring the bed is made with fresh sheets and blankets.
  • Providing fresh towels.
  • Making sure light globes are all working, and adding lamps for that cosy finishing touch.
  • Giving the entire room a quick once-over (dusting the blinds, vacuuming the floor, wiping down surfaces).
  • Clearing the closet space, making sure your guests have enough room to unpack their belongings – nobody likes living out of a suitcase, after all!

Add some individual details.

This will be especially appreciated if your guests are staying for a longer period, or coming from overseas. Nothing makes your guests feel more at home than having a few ‘homey’ touches lying about. Consider things like:

  • Providing a range of reading material (books, magazines etc.)
  • Putting together a ‘care package’ of their favourite things, like lollies, chocolates, drinks and other little things you think they might like.
  • If your guests are new to the area, consider providing them with a list of the must-see places.
  • Add water bottles to the bedside tables.

Sharing is caring.

If your guests are coming and going, give them a spare key so they won’t be reliant on you (you’ll all benefit from this arrangement). Make sure you provide them with essential information, like the alarm code, Wi-Fi password, local public transport options and anything else you think they should know.

Food for thought.

Make sure your pantry and fridge are stocked with food before your guests arrive (or work out an arrangement with them beforehand over who’s in charge of the shopping). Things like providing a choice of breakfast options, or having a free-for-all snack cupboard can really help to make your guests feel right at home.

Keep spare toiletries on hand.

You don’t need to go all out, but having things like spare toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and body wash on hand can be very useful. No doubt your guests will bring their own, but just in case they forget something, it’s nice to help them out.

Their own dedicated space.

Nothing is going to help your guests relax more than having their own space to retreat! With Ventura Homes, your home design can include clever zoning and the convenience of a guest wing, so everyone has the privacy they need to relax.

Relax on the alfresco.

Once your guests are all settled in, why not welcome them with a beverage on your alfresco? Your guests will love relaxing in your outdoor oasis, especially if they’ve had to travel a long distance to join you! Learn how you can entertain guests all year round by turning your Alfresco into another spacious room, with our alfresco offer.