Office Designs to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Whether you work at home or in the office, it’s great to have an area at home that you can utilise as a work space.

If you’re under the impression that you need a spare room in your home, think again. Work spaces can be created in a spare corner and don’t require much room.

Take a look at our inspiring ideas on how to design your work space at home.

essence office space
Office Space inside The Essence by Ventura Homes
Allure office
The IT bay located in The Allure by Ventura Homes
kamala resort office
The perfect office as seen in The Kalmala Resort by Ventura Homes

You won’t mind getting work done with a home office as seen in a range of Ventura Display Homes. This area of your home isn’t a luxury anymore and doesn’t require an entire room to set up. It can be used for more than a spare space for those of us who are busy and may often bring work home or for those individuals who work at home.

You can incorporate computers, laptops, bookcases, drawers and a comfy chair to keep you motivated. Don’t hesitate to add life to your office space by incorporating colour through light features, cushions, brightly painted feature walls and even plants.