Top Tips for Organising Your Bathroom

Picture this. You’ve overslept (stupid snooze button!), you have very little time to get ready to make your usual train to work – and you can’t find ANYTHING in your bathroom. It’s time like this when good bathroom organisation is vital to getting dressed and ready to go in very little time, yet many of us neglect our bathroom cupboards pretty badly.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry! We’re here to help. The following bathroom organisation tips will not only leave your bathroom looking fresh and clutter free, but will also hopefully take away some of the panic of getting ready for work on time.

Sound good? Great! Let’s go.

1. Clear away all the junk

Are your cupboards overflowing with expired products? If so, it’s time to throw them out! Plus, if you’re someone who likes to enjoy a long soak in the bath after work, make sure you haven’t left too many books and magazines lying around. A few simple changes like this can make a big difference to your bathroom.

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2. Invest in some good containers

Just like Tupperware can work wonders in your kitchen pantry, so too can good containers in your bathroom cupboards. Glass jars with lids make the perfect containers for things like cotton wool balls, bobby pins, face wipes and many other products you reach for on a daily basis. For larger things such as perfume, aftershave, hair products, face wash etc, consider investing in large wicker containers so everything is within easy reach.

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3. Consider a bathroom cart

Forget packing away everything in a drawer – when you need easy access to your day-to-day essentials, a bathroom cart is a good way to go. It’s perfect for storing towels, makeup, hair products, nail polish and plenty of other things. Just make sure you organise it properly from the start to prevent it from becoming cluttered.

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4. Utilise your shower space

Don’t leave bottles of shampoo and conditioner cluttering up the floor of your shower. Not only does it look bad, it can also cause a tripping hazard if you’re in a hurry. Instead, treat yourself to a hanging organiser, where you can easily store all your personal cleaning products.

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5. Add a wall cabinet

Short on cupboard space, but have wall space to spare? Then why not add a wall cabinet? It’s the perfect place to store your bathroom cleaning supplies, medications, spare face towels and more.

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6. Drawer dividers

A place for everything, and everything in its place – that’s exactly what you’ll achieve when you invest in some nifty drawer dividers. By categorising everything neatly, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in a flash, which is perfect for rushed mornings when time just isn’t on your side.

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7. First aid

Make sure your bathroom contains an up-to-date first aid kit that is easily accessible in an emergency. And, like your bathroom cupboards, make sure it’s not packed full of expired products that are only good for the bin.

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