Turn on the heat in your backyard.

Walk down a cafe strip anywhere in Europe during the winter (before the snow season, at least), and you’ll see the patrons snuggled under IKEA blankets and their faces gently lit by the glowing light of gas heaters. It keeps the place alive and buzzing, so there’s no reason to move the party indoors as the weather cools down in Perth.

Below are some updates you can make to your backyard to keep on entertaining outside, well into winter.


Surely you’ve seen the almost iconic fleece IKEA blankets adorning the chairs of aforementioned European cafes. There’s a couple of reasons why these are so popular; they’re cheap, warm, come in a range of colours and can be easily cleaned by throwing them in the washing machine.


Wood fire oven

If you’re a bit of a master chef, consider installing a wood fire oven. Think rounds and rounds of piping hot homemade pizzas, mulled wine and good friends.


Fire pit

Create a “glamping” atmosphere in your backyard by installing a low-maintenance fire pit. The style options are endless, and there are plenty of resources online to even build your own.



The Allure 3
An indoor feature making a huge outdoor impact is the fireplace. They’re easy to maintain and come in a range of styles.



The Dynasty 3
Stop that biting wind with a corner alfreso. Add some candles for the illusion of heat and warmth, throw in some blankets and get cosy.