Perth Summer Swimming Pool Inspiration

Perth Summer Swimming Pool Inspiration

Perth summer can be scorching at times. We live in a sunburnt country where hot days and heatwaves can truly stress out our bodies.  So to help prevent heat-related illnesses, we have to keep cool, and a great way to keep cool is with a swimming pool.

“Heatwaves are a cause of weather-related deaths in Australia and are also considered the most underrated of natural disasters in our country”, says reputable source Health Direct Australia, a government officiated website. While most people find extremely hot weather uncomfortable, others have a higher risk than others of becoming ill. They are mostly elderly people, babies, young children, people with long term health conditions (such as heart or respiratory disease or diabetes), obese people, socially isolated people, outdoor workers, indoor workers with poor ventilation and overseas visitors who are not accustomed to our heat.

Besides drinking plenty of water and taking care of yourself and others; a swimming pool for your own home in one of the best preventative measures of getting too hot in Perth summer.

A smaller sized pool is perfect for those leading a busier lifestyle but still want that resort feel.


Build your swimming pool in front of a gorgeous cabana with some greenery.


A long narrow lot, or a small backyard, is ideally suited for a lap pool – a great choice especially for avid swimmers.


Add greenery to the side of your swimming pool for a tropical vibe.
Bring friends and family outside by the pool at anytime of the year. Source via Houzz.
A rectangular inground pool is the backyard classic. Image via Houzz
Jazz it up with a half-moon shaped pool. A unique shape is eye catching. Image via Houzz


To read more about being heat-smart, head to Health Direct for all the information.