Six best breakfast places in Perth only the locals know about

Finding great breakfast places in Perth on the weekends can often be met with queues that trickle down to the end of the street.

With a plethora of cafés that have recently opened in Perth, it’s no longer impossible to find one that’s off the beaten track. Whether you’re after the perfect grind or a bowl of I-can’t-believe-it-tastes-this-good granola, we’ve rounded up six of our favourite cafés in Perth that no one (well, mostly no one) knows about. Yet.

Explore six of the best breakfast places in Perth below: 

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1. Addison & Steele

KNOWN FOR: Their intelligent and ever-changing coffee menu, baristas who love their craft, and the delicious selection of pastries from Le Galette de France (we recommend the famed almond croissant!).

ADDRESS: 448 Fitzgerald St, North Perth

HOURS: Tues-Fri from 6:30am & 8am on weekends

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2. Piccolo’s Corner

KNOWN FOR: Their sun-lit interior, organic smoothies, and a breakfast menu that’s off the beaten track.

ADDRESS: Corner of St Leonards Ave and Woolwich St, West Leederville

HOURS: Tue to Fri 7-5 Sat & Sun 8-2

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3. Architects And Heroes

KNOWN FOR: A brewbar with Perth’s first Steam Punk, an interior that pays homage to black-and-white comic book style artwork by Dipesh and ShuShusilky, smooth coffee and a café name to match.

ADDRESS: Shop 25, 17-31 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco

HOURS: Mon-Sat 6:30am – 6:30pm

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4. The Market Juicery

KNOWN FOR: Healthy breakfasts on the go, juices that will make you wonder what you ever saw in Boost, and a queue that invariably extends from the juice bar to the sushi place down the end.

ADDRESS: Shop 2, 139-141 Oxford St, Leederville (down the arcade that leads you to the IGA)

HOURS: Mon to Fri 7-3 Sat 8-2

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5. Engine Room Expresso

KNOWN FOR: A coffee shop that’s run by three local firemen. Enough said.

ADDRESS: 450c Fitzgerald Street, Perth

HOURS: Mon to Fri 6:30-4 Sat & Sun 7-2

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6. The Hardware Store Café & Eatery

KNOWN FOR: A hardware store-turned-café, the granola buttermilk pancakes, and the best post-run/post-beach dip breakfast you’ll find in Perth.

ADDRESS: 117 Brighton Rd, Scarborough

HOURS: Mon to Sun 6:30-4

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