Style Moderne in The Colonnade Display Home by Ventura Homes

The Art Deco era is celebrated in this new edition to the Ventura Homes family, The Colonnade Display Home.

The Ventura Homes team celebrate the early to mid 20th century era with a design focused on sophistication, style, elegance and a sense of optimism.

‘The Colonnade’ may be viewed by some as a far too eccentric design for WA’s home building industry, but the classic, innovative functionality and features honor the Ventura Homes tradition of ‘design excellence’ – delivering the best of both old and new.

Interestingly, The Colonnade Display Home by Ventura Homes is located at a new display village, at Annie’s Landing in the Avon Valley region, Ellenbrook. The area is billing itself as the resurrection of an older styl,e Australian historic township – with pre World War II era ideals. As visitors will discover, The Collonade Display Home plays an ode to these 20’s, 30’s and 1940’s themes.

Think face brick work in red and auburn shades, pitched roofs, Toodyay stones, front porches, sitting rooms and fine, quality detailing.

This home has been carefully designed and shaped to these classic “Style Moderne” themes and contemporary design theory.

Introducing The Colonnade Display Home by Ventura Homes.
Ventura Homes interior designers have delivered a wonderful result, an ode to the pre- World War II era style, with contemporary early 21st century design.





The Charlie Chaplin Room, a sitting room or study. Ventura’s interior designers considered Annie’s Landings key sellling points and took to designing a Art Deco era style for The Colonnade Display Home in the Avon Valley.








A very unique Master Bedroom and Ensuite in The Colonnade.

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Where is The Colonnade? 

62 Jennapullin Crescent, Annie’s Landing, Ellenbrook.