Virtual reality goggles

VR Goggles: The tech trend that is shaping up the real estate market

Imagine walking through the middle of your future property from the comfort of your chair? This is now possible with the next-generation of virtual reality goggles, designed for immersive VR gaming experiences.

For many people it can be difficult to visualize what the home will look like once it’s been built. Virtual reality can help you solve this problem by allowing you to gain a better understanding of the space, layout, finishes and dimensions.

Far from the traditional online 3D walkthroughs, VR headsets can give you a very realistic and detailed representation of your future home. Once you hold the headset up to your face, you are immediately immersed in a virtual space, allowing you to explore your surroundings in 360 degrees and step into breathtaking rooms, just as you would if you were inspecting the property in real life.

Ventura Homes introduced this technology in January 2016 to give homebuyers the best experience possible. This means you can now tour and be inspired by our award-winning display homes without the need of travelling around to different locations.

Through the use of our 3D virtual goggles you can explore the spaces and see everything the floorplan has to offer: the floor-to-ceiling window lines that allow natural light within the rooms, astonishing open plan designs, and even get the feel of your future neighbourhood by soaking up the view from a private balcony.

The VR experience is also a great way to help you gain more confidence on your design choices. If you are indecisive about certain layouts or finishes, the VR goggles will allow you to visualise the flow between the areas or even see how a certain flooring type or granite countertop would look in a finished kitchen.

If you would like to take a virtual reality tour to our award-winning display homes, book an appointment with our team today.

Imagine seeing the following display home and all the other designs you like without the travel time. Explore our award-winning display homes and discover the perfect new home design for your lifestyle.